Say Anything LXXXI 🌴


This is for @Pat6398 …who got the last post in the previous Say Anything thread…



ROFL, you are a sore loser.


mmmmmmm, pie!


Wooooooooooooooooooo! New thread!

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Mooorning peeps! :sunny:

Hope y’all have a grrrreat one today!!

:palm_tree: :star_struck: :tiger:


I just forgot I had my birthday 15 days ago. I was calling myself the wrong age. :joy:


haha - i forgot my birthday was up a couple of years ago. Were not the type of family to do cards (except for mum) - so i easily forgot as well. I remember my AA birthday better! lol


Feeling slightly relieved - the energy bill came in, and my Winter Fuel discount (for those disabled) got applied - so it was only 20 quid. Bonus. I can now tackle the credit card next week, with the possibility of a new game :slight_smile:


Oh, I didn’t actually forget my birthday, it is just I am still used to calling myself 31 instead of 32.


Good morning, y’all! :slightly_smiling_face:

Today is my mom’s birthday; she would’ve been 73 today. She died from breast cancer in 2006, at the age of 59. It kinda sucks with the stay-at-home order I imagine the cemetery is closed; normally I visit her grave on her birthday.



up for another day. got up about an hour ago. it felt like i slept a long time, but it was only 830 when i woke up.

had a coffee, threw it up again. i don’t even know why i bother drinking the stuff. it makes me vomit every other day.

mom is going to the grocery and is going to do my shopping for me this week. i just asked her to get me 7 cheap frozen pizzas. i’ve only been eating once a day for this last bit of time. unless of course my folks invite me over for dinner. which happens 2 or 3 times a week. anyways im relieved to not have to go to the grocery this week.

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so far im noticing more voices with the invega trinza. it’s been about a month now. just at night, no big deal, they entertain me. but i can function during the day. my nurse said the dosage is more slow release than the sustenna but the same thing pretty much. i don’t know actually i had my dosage increased a little. maybe im developing dopamine pathways, or something.

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:rainbow: :rainbow:

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Morning everyone, Been a while.

Voices have been good for the most part, few bumps in the road, but mostly good.

Mood is low today, got into an argument last night with my fiancée. Just hurts.

Thinking feels clear. No predominant thoughts of divine beings and extra dimensions. No ghosts.

Wishing everyone well! Hope you all have a good day.


Just went food shopping with a mask on the wrong way round doh.

Cos got two vulnerable risk people in my household so that’s why they want me to use it.

And plastic gloves

And there was a long queue outside the store with everyone two metres apart.

Looks like they r finally taking it more seriously


Hello everyone, i got through with whistles and bells. I paid all my due debtinstalments. Looking forward to next payday. I enjoyed a doner and a smoke. Glad, i wasn’t beerthirsty.


Went to the chemist - they were only letting in one at a time, but at least i got my weeks supply of drugs, i been using my spares im not supposed to have.

Strangely enough - i found a stash of weed in the drawer as well, only a couple of grams, i was gonna flush it - but ill give it to my nieghbour on the ground floor - he smokes still.

Ive had a strange day - its nearly 5pm already and ive done sod all.
MH still going strong tho! :slight_smile:


cant sleep, dont wanna take anything to knock me out.

should I wait til my body gives out ? should i do something productive ?

any help is appreciated, thanx

dad just brought me some lasagna for lunch. a welcomed surprise, also a couple pieces of garlic bread. so dont have to worry about food for the rest of the day, but i may eat again if i get hungry later tonight.

right now im listening to americana music and relaxing, decided not to listen to talk radio today.