Say Anything LXIII ☔

How many different meds have you tried? I was very similar to you before finding meds that actually worked well. That being said, I’m still not able to work and I require a lot of down time. I also have very few interests because of the meds.

I don’t know. I just worry about you.

I’ve tried a few meds, but there are probably quite a few I haven’t tried too. My grandparents are calling and I’d hate to let them know I’m like this again… I think I’d like to talk more with my therapist next week. She sometimes has med recommendations. My doctor hasn’t mentioned putting me on anything, and not all the meds are tolerable for me. I guess I don’t want anything too sedating.

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That’s understandable. I’ve always been a very active person and being sedated on haldol was like torture. I’m on perphenazine now and it’s working so well I’m actually having success on a pretty low dose and it’s not sedating at all. But everyone is different. I can’t take any of the atypicals. They all cause a crazy amount of weight gain and none of them work much, if at all. I stick to old meds now.

I wish you could just go on vacation for a month and relax without anytime excepting anything of you. Do you have any friends you could stay with for a few days? Just veg for awhile? No stress. No responsibility.

Thanks. I’d like to visit friends more but they’re really busy lately. Emergency room visits are always a joke for me. They say I have ideations, not delusions. They say I drank too much coffee. I’m just taking bus rides out to the city for a break sometimes and attending some day treatment. Sometimes it all feels like a game for me, life right now…


Yeah, emergency rooms here are pretty useless, too. I generally avoid them unless my life is in danger.

Do you believe your psychosis is caused by your anxiety?

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Yeah, anxiety does exacerbate my symptoms but my symptoms are different day to day and some days I have anxiety and sometimes I don’t and klonopin used to stop my psychosis but I stopped them due to it giving me terrible depression. I guess I’ll have to muster the energy to keep warding off symptoms until I next see the doctor, which is right before thanksgiving. Man, I’m in a lot of ■■■■. :sob: I hope that I get treatment eventually.

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My friend got upset with me for texting the guy who runs my group for people who hear voices, about my voices, because he feels I should tell the hospital staff instead and that I’m messing with my recovery by doing it this way.
Both today and yesterday we’ve had temps, and I don’t trust them to know shite about my voices.
M, the guy who runs the group, knows my history and my voices well. I trust him.
Idk what to do.


Up at 3 AM, back is sore again, thought it was getting better :sob: Have to get things done today been putting them off, only makes the chores worse.

There are no god tings going on really, work and home

That is from nightmare on Christmas. I enjoyed this movie.

I think my clocks changed lol.

Maybe that’s why I woke up so early this morning. The time changed. I tried to go back to sleep

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Anyone heard of Great Courses Plus? It’s like 15-20 bucks a month for unlimited learning with videos. I think this is great. I’m a nerd at heart.


Morning all, started getting voices picking on me last night at dinner. Woke up to voices today, first time in a few days. Trying to keep a stiff upper lip.

Wishing everyone well!


Tell your friend to bugger off
@insidemind. Check out Tinycards. It’s an app you can get on your phone and it’s free. It’s nerd heaven

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Hey Ooorgle, good morning to you to.

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I hate voices, they’re telling me how much I screwed up yesterday at dungeons and dragons, telling me no one liked me or wanted me there. Failure, weirdo, no one likes you, kill yourself, unloved, etc etc. picking on me and trying to corrupt my feelings. They’re jealous I had a good time and was social, I think.


Heya @BrianTex, how’re you doing today?

I’m fairly relaxed this morning.

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What is it like 6 am where you are? Cos it’s 9 on the East Coast.

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Yup, just about 6. Been awake since 430, voices woke me up. I hate waking up voices.

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