Say Anything CXII !๐Ÿ˜Š

Iโ€™m gonna burn an incense too. You inspired me. :blush:

Weโ€™re supposed to get snow tomorrow morning. Iโ€™m looking forward to it.


Youโ€™re definitely right. But I think Iโ€™m trying to bring up painful memories and painful things to recover, but I get really bad headaches. I think I know itโ€™s all real and true, but common sense says Iโ€™m crazy. Itโ€™s 1 vs 7 billion. Only explanation now really is aliens. It sucks. Iโ€™m trying to honestly get better and feel important or get recognition for my accomplishments and tell my story and all I get is headaches. Iโ€™m just trying to get better and I feel like I was really hurt and wronged. Maybe Iโ€™m from another parallel earth or something. I donโ€™t know. Itโ€™s so evil and demonic.


Itโ€™s snowing, going to have to clean off my car in the morning. At least I donโ€™t have far to go, to get to the job site.


I took tv/video class in grade 11, my teacher hated my videos lol because I wouldnt follow the traditional storyboarding plans or guidelines. But the students loved them and laughed a lot.

I made this one video about the adventures of Jou Su, a polar bear that was an emperor in the forest. A warrior (my brother with his real sword and chainmail on) was on a quest to find the emperor.

Everytime the warrior located Jou Su the emperor, a magic spell would come upon him and he would fly away from him (the polar bear was a stuffed animal with a rope) :smile:

So Id yank the rope and the emperor would fly away with magic dust star effects :joy:

I think I still have them somewhere on vhs :blush:


I just saw that theyโ€™re selling online a police radar detector for cars. It has good reviews. I wonder if its legit. I used to have an app that locates police radars and where the police is. I think its people reporting policeโ€™s location on the map lol It was a GPS app that also shows police radars and police cars locations.

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My friends use to have those. That way we could drive fast lol.
I wonder if cops use more channels now. Cop radar might be illegal though im not sure

On google maps it will tell you where speed traps are because other drivers can report it


Awww! If you can ever find those films you made, and if you have the software, upload it to YouTube and PM me the link.

Iโ€™d love to see it.

Only if you feel comfortable doing that though. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah for sure :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I think its somewhere in the monstrous pile of vhs tapes at my parents.

I had this other epic video i made in 2005. No idea if anyone has it and i sadly deleted my youtube account in my first episode psychosis.
This was before youtube was owned by google, and the vid actually kind of went viral in my school , and it got around 5000 views or something. Even one of the teachers would see us and laugh and say Apples Apples Apples

It was a film called โ€œApplesโ€ it was a 5 min mystery/comedy

It starts with A guy we will call dave, wakes up in his room hungover not knowing what happened that night. He find an apple on his pillow so he eats it.
So he gets his stuff on and meets his friend Jack outside his house to go skateboarding to ask him what happened.

They realised this manwitch jumped them and knocked them out, put them to sleep.
Then he kept leaving apples on everyones pillows. That was the manwitches scheme.

He looked like a very scary witch lol .
Then there was this monologue for the witch character I vaguely still remember he said in a creepy voice.

"Im just a 35 year old school boy in a witches body, and I just love apples. Apples in the morning Apples in the evening. I tried sports like football and hockey but it wasnt for me. Sometimes I like performing scientific labs on my apples, and when people arnt looking Ill put apples on the window sill and on everyones pillows!
When Im not thinking about my apple collection Im thinking about my shoe collection. AND MY BOTTLE COLLECTION

Then the witch finds sandals in his shoe collection and freaks out . SANDALS!!! SANDALS SANDALS SANDALS??? APPLES APPLES APPLES

I cant remember the rest but man we had such a funny time making these little short films.



This Skunk just shaved and showered. All is well. Gonna take night meds and find a movie.

Having another Coca-Cola. One more snuff dip. Will be going to bed earlier tonight. Tomorrow I donโ€™t have any plans. Maybe move some wood from one side of the yard to the other for chainsawing.

Wanna go birding tomorrow I think. Get up early and see what I see.



Do you think mental health can improve after decades of it being poor?


I think its rare unless you find a better med or change your dose. I always think about the same question for my severe negative symptoms.


The bills really whooped the pats. Theyve been wanting to do that for 20 years, since before brady. First time a div opp has swept them in that long.

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Not gonna happen. Too cold. Birds will be sheltering and huddled in cover.

Now Iโ€™m starting to get sleepy. Another hour then it will be time to turn in. Looking forward to a warm bed which I am thankful for.


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Hello peeps!

Sorry Iโ€™ve been away so much. Just donโ€™t deal well with the holidays.

This is also the 1000 post, so Iโ€™ll put up the new one.

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The New One is here!!! Say Anything CXIII