Say Anything CXII !😊

Why was my education denied. I would have loved to invest 10 years of my life to achieve a degree. I am in my early 50s. I gave up on that education and fried my brain instead. I tried many times to study but my time was always required by someoneelses who would have hated me when i attempted to pursue that goal, but i think academics struggled with a similar problem and overcame it somehow. I failed, i didn’t pass this crucial test to succeed in my studies. Maybe i should start charging money for my company.


up for another day, missed mom this morning, they were gone when i woke up. her flight leaves at 11am but she wanted to be at the airport a couple hours early. not much to do today, pack and do laundry for our little road trip, and clean my place.


Ran out of atomizers for my vape pod. I thought I did good and ordered some just in time but it turned out they were the wrong size. My last one is at 41% and my last one quit at 70%. I ordered the correct size coils from a different website because the website I was using was sold out of them. I’ve got my vape jacked up to 20 and am burning my lip with the thing. Not as pleasurable as my coil is gunked up. I don’t know, I paid for two day shipping on yesterdays order so they should be here soon. That would be nice. Otherwise I’ve had my coffee. People are coming to work on the water filter in the basement today at 1:00 and I have a peer support worker coming at like 12:30 or 1:30 I don’t know.


Feeling a little anxious before work…

Could be the coffee or maybe it’s because I had pink eye and wasn’t able to work on the busiest days of the year… Feeling like everyone there will think I’m lazy for not going those two days.

I also don’t know who my Secret Santa person is. I bought a gift card for them, but missed the date to exchange gifts, which was yesterday.

I just generally feel like everyone hates me at work.

Sorry for the crummy post y’all…

Hope you peeps have a good day :sunflower:


Really torn between living my own life and experiencing new things while I’m young and looking after my mother and sister. I have no freinds here and would like to make new ones.

Also I think the IRA might only be keeping me alive until my mother and sister are gone I think, IRA John parked beside my sister today while I was in the shop and waved at her

Metal! What are/were you listening to?


Woke up an hour ago, had hazelnut Nescafe with whole milk powder sweetened with 0 calories Splenda. I have French vanilla Nescafe, its good too. Ran out of regular Nescafe. Now vaping and listening to Spotify on my Echo.


We dont have water, they’re doing repairs.


@Naarai. sending you more hugs.

I discovered a cool life hack for people who have windows below street level and can’t open them because car exhaust soot floods in.

Do this:

Basically make a window opening as high above street level as you can, and block the airflow for levels below that. The car exhaust is heavy and sinks below street level, but the air above it is quite ok.

I am enjoying fresh air now.


So, I’ve kind of been screwing myself lately. On Christmas Eve I went and got a CBG pretoll. Then on the 27th I got a CBD preroll.

Now I want to go get another r n. I’m justifying it by saying to myself ‘I’ll just give it up in the new year.’

But I know how they train of thought works…

Also, I’m still hell bent on selling plasma for whatever reason after my nurse told me not to.

They’ll give me $60 for the first 5 times. And that $300 would be useful to put towards a new phone cuz I can’t just go drop $500 - $600 on a phone r n.


Why do I still like GG Allin? He was disgusting. I like his early punk and his country type stuff though. He pooped on stage and just made a complete jackass of himself. But I still like him.

so dad and i decided to delay our road trip until wednesday morning, we both have things to do tomorrow. tomorrow dad is going to have prayer meeting, then we are going to go shopping for a belated christmas gift, im going to get sweatsuit, winter gloves, and a knit hat or beanie. then dad is taking the car in to the garage to get new tire pressure sensors put on. then we are going to leave wednesday morning. i will be doing the driving, we are taking the great river road, we may go down one side of the mississippi and coming back north on the other side of the river. dad mentioned going to vicksburg civil war battlefield site, and also maybe going as far south as baton rouge, louisiana. don’t know if i will be gone for new years, but probably, as it will be at least 4 days of driving with stops to hike and check out sites. we are coming back the fast way though. taking interstates, or we may come north up the natchez trace parkway. should be good but i wish i was the passenger and not the driver, i told dad i wouldn’t drive when it’s dark out, so we will be leaving when the sun comes up, and stop our driving at sundown.


Alright kiddos! :wink: I have risen.

I kept waking up this morning then going back to sleep.

I fed Jimmy a spoonful of Fancy Feast earlier this morning. Oh God did he love that!

I just ordered some Irish Spring body wash and bath sponges off Amazon.

@Naarai Hugs to you bud. It sounds like you’re going through a hard time.

@Schztuna Sorry that you’re going through some paranoia. I’m sure people at your job like you and respect you. Hugs.


It was 38 degrees today and inside my house its 28 degrees. I am not able to sleep in this heat. Hopefully its not heating up more inside over the months. Waiting to get tired enough to sleep.


My gf and i are gonna start giving plasma. Haven’t started yet but i used to do it a lot when I was younger. The extra money would really help right now.


My pdoc says the world health organization says people with psychosis should not donate/give plasma.

Don’t shoot the messenger, it’s just what I heard.


The mental illness is not in the blood. It’s in the brain. Perhaps the WHO is concerned that the person receiving the blood will get antipsychotic meds in their blood. Idk.


I hadn’t heard that about the WHO but the plasma place’s website says mental illness doesn’t exclude you from giving necessarily. They do a fairly thorough health check before they let you donate. Thanks for the heads up though.