Say Anything CVII 🤮

why does everything seem connected in a way that is persecutory?


Plus my social anxiety has seemed to now reached online public forum level. So yea that’s not exactly beneficial to me, Long term wise.


@Montezuma my feline friend that hangs around outside the home came to see me.

Some of the guys here feed him. We have an understanding that I talk to him in a nice voice but don’t try to pet him.

I’m like Aragorn the Ranger. Or any D@D Ranger.

But domesticated animals only.

But I think when the time comes I’ll have to get a doggo.

2 pets would be too much.


I didn’t read that!

Happy Happy 4th decade on Earth!


Idk why I feel social anxiety on here but I just do.

I mean it doesn’t come as a huge surprise to me. I usually do feel social anxiety in a lot of places I go, Up to now. N considering this is a global… Public… Forum…that makes it more challenging…too.

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I really hope I can stop posting. It’s addictive to do so now n then but I know how it makes me feel overall so I need to cut out this habit.if I can.

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@Montezuma a few years ago a comedian said when you get close to your forties and forty everyone looks hot.

Not that they aren’t really.

I find it to be a pleasant experience.

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feeling a lot like my old self tonight, im getting back there tonight. everything feels open again, and that im not trapped here anymore. life is open to me again. even picked up my guitar and practiced some.


welcome to kentucky! gov. andy beshear. unbridled spirit, is what the sign says.

ive been getting a lot of promotional emails from guitar center lately. i bought my guitar there, but they stopped sending me emails for awhile. but now its everyday i get 2 or 3 about sales. i heard they are going out of business, so the whole thing has me confused.


me too @Lifer. guitar center has been reaching out more lately i guess theyre trying to get customer for the holiday season. one time i even got a call from a guitar center gear advisor lol. i used to window shop guitars online more until i found one to buy more than id actually play the ones i have. i stopped tho as now i have like 7 guitars/basses


Hello! That’s cool you got a little kitty buddy. I recommend getting a cat over a dog, but that’s just my two cents.

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I turn forty on Friday. :blush:



I slept for a very long time today and yesterday. Had some bad thoughts. Gonna take it easy.

Hope everyone is well.



Grabbing Skunky by the shoulders

Come here bosom buddy! Have a hug.


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Started the lower dose of abilify pills today,

Hoping it goes well.

Haven’t noticed any changes yet, but I still probably have the injection from last month working in me.


I think we’ve had this conversation, but your birthday is just two days away from my husband’s.

But he’s a little older than you.

What are you going to buy with your birthday money?


Hello friend!

Well so far I’ve pretty much spent the gift card on a Dracula graphic novel and two DVDs, Words on Bathroom Walls and the original Hairspray.

So some slice of life cinema and some John Waters zanyness. :crazy_face:

Abilify is a great med. I might ask my doctor if I can go back on it.

Hope you’re feeling okay.


Cool stuff!

Adding to your collections is always a good investment when it comes to birthday money.

You’ve got me super interested in reading more about John Waters.

I read in an interview once that he would never shave his trademark mustache,

But if he ever did, he would shave it off and eat it in front of a live audience.

How crazy!

Love that guy.


Lol! That sounds like something Waters would say. :joy:

Thanks, I’m looking forward to my goodies. :blush: The Dracula graphic novel follows the narrative of the Stoker novel, but uses the Lugosi image to tell the story. :open_mouth:

I recommend Waters latest book, “Mr Know It All.” It’s pretty funny and inspiring.

He says in the first chapter that it’s totally okay to be weird, and that the key to success is finding one person who likes your work.


Thanks for the hugs @Montezuma

I scooped out the litter box and now I’m making white cheddar shells and cheese for supper so that’s something.

So I’m just gonna keep my stress levels down as much as possible.

Hope you and Jimmy boy are well. Also cool su madre gave you a gift card.



Anyone with PCOS check this out:

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My bro got me a cool t-shirt for my birthday :smile::sunglasses: