Say Anything CIII 🧚

Oh gawd dawg. Oliver is so opinionated. Gets so worked up over nothing. I love this dog but he has something to say about everything. Extremely intelligent but also extremely cautious.

Charles wants lovins on the stairs later. This cat has a hand fetish…particularly my right hand. Ya gotta love those nibbles.



Hmmm that’s not too promising. I’m pretty desperate to get back to 185, my normal weight. I’m hovering at 198 right now and I’ve never weighed more than 200 pounds my entire life. This feels like a point of no return I’m about to cross.

I’ll see how it goes, doctor said the side effects are flatulence and diarrhea. That should be fun for my housemates.


How are you, Skunkalish? Snow? It’s 84 here in Tennessee. @ThePickinSkunk


So, my life had been inundated with cannabis since the pandemic started.

I won’t mention the good parts about it, but the negatives could be a problem for me.

Basically I don’t see any future in cannabis. I can’t pass a drug test! I also can’t afford it, so I bought a cannabis growing kit. Yes, I’ve gotten pretty into it.

Which is a problem.

Here are my options:

  1. Sit around and smoke weed for the rest of my life. Go to the gym, stay active, etc.

  2. Get fat and Drive a truck for the rest of my life.

Frankly, neither sound appealing

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Hi Trish. I’m doing pretty well. Thank you. How have you been feeling since your hospital discharge?

Oh yeah. Snowing here. Kind of a wintery mix.

I’ve always wanted to go to Nashville. Does it live up to the hype?

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It’s good to hear from you!

I’ve been depressed lately also. I think it’s mainly covid depression. I’m sick of having to dodge everyone on the street by 6 feet and having to avoid bars and restaurants. I am also sick of it never raining here. What’s wrong with this place? Is it too much to ask for a refreshing rain shower one day out of the month? No wonder half the dang state burns down each year.



I used to take Metformin. It takes some getting used to. I’ve heard it helps with weightloss. They took me off of it due to metabolic acidosis.

Good luck, hon.


If you become a trucker will they sample urine or hair follicle. It shouldn’t take too long for the weed to get out of your system if they test urine. The railroad tests by hair as an extra tidbit of info.

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I’ve been doing relatively well since my September hospital stays. Even if I have a flare or episode, it’s not as bad as before, or doesn’t last as long.

Nashville is great for tourism. I’m not sure how it’s been since covid19. If you like music, it’s great. Sometimes stars will give an impromptu performance at a dive. Very cool.

My Dad played the banjo, amid several others. Did you get the banjo you ordered, or did you cancel it? Lol

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Haha! I’m too indecisive to make up my mind do I cancelled it. Amazon wasn’t very pleased with me. They flagged my account for suspicious activity. Can’t really blame them but all is well now.

Glad to hear that you are doing better.

I’d like to visit the south but that daily heat would drive me nuts really quickly.


I am on it. I don’t know if it helped.

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Berkshire Hathaway doesn’t drug test for weed anymore.

The department of transportation drug test is urine…


Did you lose any weight?

Not really, no. I read that it eats the carbs in food you eat but I don’t think its much since I didn’t loose weight on it. For me its a sugar pill lol No side effects.

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I didn’t realize that Amazon sells banjos. What don’t they sell is more like it. I found slow release iron for $3.02, including shipping. You can’t beat that.

Yep, the heat bothers me immensely, even after being here since 1980. I’m originally a Jersey girl. I like snow. Minnesota weather would probably be too much for me, but snow is magical.


When I first started working for the phone company our customer base was NJ. NJ and NY get a rap for being rude but they’re not really. They work a lot of hours though.

NJ is a very multiethnic state. At least I worked with people from all over the world who lived in NJ. That was the fun part of the job. Catholic Charities assisted refugees in getting landline phone services. I loved that part of my job working with refugees.


The worst part of my job at AT&T was when veterans home on leave getting their account written off for non payment because they were off fighting a war and I couldn’t do anything at all to help them. Broke my heart every time.

I worked with a guy who was in the Reserves and he always had advanced notice before any deployment. It gave him time to suspend his accounts and take care of his mortgage. Things like that.

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@ninjastar @ZombieMombie Time for a new thread. Unless someone has started one.