Say Anything --- Chapter 9️⃣

you take that back :confounded:


That girl with a hand for a lower body-freaky!
But I watch some Naruto or One Piece every now and then. Anime is cool, just weird sometimes.

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Lol just kidding I love anime :laughing:


Woke up only a few times last night, not bad, just wish I could’ve fallen asleep a little earlier. I hope today goes better than yesterday did. Some days I just can’t deal, wake up not really wanting to live.

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I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately…don’t know why, no particular reason…just don’t get sleepy…don’t want to sleep…want to do other things. The night seems to go by so fast.

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The instant coffee in my house tastes like cigarettes…

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I feel being sick makes my thinking somewhat crazy or off at least

I’ve been sleeping too much. It’s the dark portion of the year, where the days are shorter, and I’m used to waking up when it’s light out, but now, it isn’t light out until around 11am. I need to incorporate a better sleep routine soon, or school will be hell :frowning:

I don’t want to go anywhere tomorrow but I have to go like 8 different places. Noooooooo

Genji… you need healing

lol yes! :laughing: I do require healing

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Do you play overwatch?!?

I have the game, played mostly for fun till I got back to lol,
are you on an eu server?

Yay! Who do you main?! I’m a little bit obsessed with overwatch atm so sorry if I’m a little too excited :sweat_smile: but unfortunately I’m probably not on your server I play on ps4 so :frowning: … But I’m a genji/hanzo main but I’m normally a flex in comp. :slightly_smiling_face: So greetings!

Nice :grinning: I haven’t really mained a hero, but I played a lot of diva and soldier 76 ,had some success with torbjorn.
I like sombra because she reminds me a lol champ i like to play, but don’t play much nowadays. It’s nice to see fellow gamers in this forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey that’s cool the point of games is to have fun :slight_smile: I love dva she’s my main tank! I don’t play much soldier I don’t know why I love that grumpy dad lol. And torn is always fun. Yay someone else likes sombra! I love her design it’s just so cool a awesome futuristic hacker if only I could play her better lol :laughing: but yes I love videogames what’s your favorite game?

Playing genji and hanzo require tons of skill, if you play them constantly I am sure you can figure out sombra if you’d like to :grinning:
Don’t really have a fav game, sold my soul to League of Legends (lol) for a while, “enjoyed” darksouls, I liked playing borderlands because it was made by psychos and you could play the whole game with friends which is nice, and I think witcher is cool…
What games do you like?

Aww thank you! I’m trying to get better at all the characters really! Cause right now I basically just wildly shoot at everything whilst screaming in panic lol. I’ve never played league of legends I wanted to but I’ve heard the community is kinda bad so I’ve stayed away. And ah yes I’ve “enjoyed” dark souls as well! I only rage quit like 8000 times! Lmao I haven’t gotten through all of borderlands even though I love it cause my friend was like let’s play it together and then she finished it without me and I was hurt. Witcher is on my list of games to play omg I just need to do it.

But me I love Skyrim and pretty much anything Nintendo so Zelda to Pokemon to Mario. But also i absolutely adore final fantasy and kingdom hearts. My favorite game of all time is the world ends with you it’s so good omg. But honestly I mainly play action/adventure games! although I have a soft spot for horror but it’s terrible for me so I don’t play much horror anymore D: but honestly I just really love games :sweat_smile: I’m rambling I’m Sorry!

I wish I had enough money for switch ,or any platform, but for me switch seems the best right now… Zelda looks fantastic and new Mario is just stunning, Nintendo surely knows how to make good games!!

Yeah the community in lol is shitty, but it helped me a bit with my psychosis because I became almost completely resilient to shitty comments on myself :sweat_smile:

I heard that divinity original sin 2 is a great adventure game for coop, I’m trying to get my friends into it now:)

I used to be very excited from games as well but something had changed and I usually blame Olanzapine for it :expressionless:
dw it’s a say anything thread I guess we can ramble here as much as we want :full_moon_with_face:

I’ve been tired the last couple days. Only read 30-40 pages yesterday. I haven’t been studying or using my apps. I’m getting burnt out taking care of my grandfather but I can still do it.

Haven’t been sleeping well.

I think I had bouts of mild energy tied to my mood or the lessening of my depression.