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I saw there is something called project 2025 in America :us: that is said to be a plan to remove social security and disability pension.

Isn’t there enough homeless people as it is….

Everyone should have food water n shelter n healthcare.

Even people on death row get that.

Anyone know if this is for real?

Maybe it’s a fake rumour on Facebook?

If that happened crime rate would go up and homelessness and “they” would probably put higher sentences for jail and death penalty and apparently they want to make homelessness illegal too.
Where can the homeless live?
Hope “they “ don’t want to kill all “useless” people in their world view.

Nazi like .


Aren’t we supposed to make these new Say Anything threads once the old one hits or gets close to 1000 replies? The other one is barely past 900.


Third 1515151515

Politicians and people that support them, interest groups and people who manipulate media, create artificial problems, so they have a cause to rally up the people behind. So, now people need a politician to solve their problems. Every presidential year we hear people come out of the wood work screaming the world is burning down if only a politician can save us. Social security in America is funded by the people out of their paychecks it’s not government funded. Despite this the government has tapped these public funds to apply it to other governmental problems. It’s criminal, but they’re the government, so it’s ok. Employers in America have been pushing the government through lobbying to get rid of pensions, they want people to play the stock market now for a retirement. During 2008, the great recession many businesses lost money due to the economy. A lot of businesses tapped pensions for money, buying stock and when the stock increased they put back the money in the pensions and kept the profits. They aren’t suppose to do this because the government froze pensions. My job took funds. Sone companies just took peoples pensions and left them high and dry. Definitely an unfair world. My grandma says they’ve been talking about social security running out of money the last 50 years. Republicans want to privatize it and put it into the stock market so they can exploit it but that would be career suicide. I do think if they tapped the hell out of it they would have to subsidize it. In America we run on fiat currency, unlike during the great depression. When the economy tanked during the great recession they gave everyone stimulus checks so we would spend money to keep the economy going. When tough times hit they just print more money and our money becomes more worthless. But rest assured a politician will come along and solve all of our problems

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I was just thinking the same thing. Also, whoever opens a new SayAnything should tag the moderators so we know to lock the old thread.


@SacredNeigh7 Please politics on the forum.

Project 2025 is a real thing, unfortunately. It’s been in the news recently. Can’t discuss it here because of the no politics rule. If people want to know more, they can google it.


Hello kiddos and night crew! :wink:

Just got through swallowing some meds.

Watched a pretty decent old 90s sci fi/horror flick earlier called Brainscan.


Hey it’s midnight can’t sleep so I made coffee.

Sunday is always my day off excited to not have any chores


Just brushed my teeth and will take meds soon. My sleep schedule is crazy right now. School helps to keep me in check, but with no school and nothing to do during the day, I just can’t sleep. I’m really tired of staying in bed all day. I think my goal for tomorrow will be to go downstairs, maybe even cook an easy meal.

I hope everyone is alright and gets the rest they need.


Slept an hour and bit. Wondering when is the ideal time to hit the gym


just finished boruto manga. lol 13 chapters in just a couple hours. each chapter is like 40 pages but i couldnt stop


Hi peeps
Woke up

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I started writing a theory on modern nations, it’s an idea not a theory because it hasn’t been tested in anyway but it enjoying it. It’s an idea of how countries become what they do in terms of international interests and how that ties in with their economy.

I’m enjoying it. I’m going to go back to this now that I’ve had breakfast. Then I’ll do some more maths and then maybe try sleep again because obviously an hour isn’t ideal!

Hope everyone is doing okays and has a good Sunday


Good morning @AppleKidd . My plans for the day, at least the early part of the day, are trying to get some more sleep in then watch the various special news shows that they only have on Sunday morning. Dont know what I’m gonna do in the afternoon. May take an electric motorcycle ride, though.

Good morning to you @Crystal-Cotton , as well.


Oh and also good morning @cigarino . I see that you were on the forum recently too.


Sounds good my man, sleep - sometimes the most expensive luxury :joy: I hope you get the right amount. I know what it’s like :confused: I just got out the shower, will start typing away now,

Definitely go for that electric motorcycle ride - that sounds like it’s fun!


I’m gonna ask why was I diagnosed when I see the doc last time

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Thats good, Crystal. Maybe it will be helpful to your understanding if you know what criteria you met and how they came to that conclusion.

Decided to visit my family/parents. I’ve just arrived. 15minute walk. Easy.

Did some writing but got bored and didn’t feel like doing any maths. So I came here instead.

Everyone’s still asleep which is odd because it’s UK time 9:25, apparently they stayed up all night chatting.