Say any thing

im off for a 16km maraton now, its 9AM. here in Ireland.


Running is pretty clean!


Sunday morning run. Got to love it

im buying a racing greyhound pup tommorow, im going to train it by walking long distance everyday. 400euro if it wins a race. so im thinking i can start a type of work by putting in effort of this dream that might just pay off all going well, there is money to be made if the hound preforms and by me training the heart and soul out of it, it just might happen :slight_smile: work and hobby combined

I won $20 on a lottery scratch off ticket.:smiley:
Also got pneumonia :mask: Bummer when it hurts to breathe.

Any thing.

Why must we write twenty characters? Why? Doesn’t seem like a very good rule at all.

Thinking about growing herb and spice garden :slight_smile:

Start making bags again for the rehab and nursing home residents.They really liked them before and then my hands and wrists hurt me too much with cold weather.

Waiting for Spring and warmer days!

This is my thirty first winter here. I can’t remember a colder one.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

Woke up with junk in my head this morning -