Say any thing thread!


MMMMmmmmm… lemon… :yum:

Lemon sponge cake… with tea and sunshine.


How did he do Pedro27?


Last night I dreamed about cake. Maybe it’s a sign!!! :cake:


My toenails grow faster than my fingernails


he is still a pup so just training him, til he is old enough to race


I just ate some brownies and now I feel nauseous…it was worth it though.



If you want FRESH, HOT, CRISPY fries at McDonalds then ask them for an order of fries with no salt. They will cook you a new batch and you can add salt yourself later. Because usually fries are limp and lukewarm.
Instead of ordering a Big Mac, order a McDouble and ask for special sauce, lettuce, and pickles on it. And NO ketch-up or mustard. It will be the same as the Big Mac but without the weird middle bun and it will be $2.00 cheaper.


I am starting on a lo carb diet. I had turkey and a salad for dinner.

I’ve never made Osso Bucco and I want to soon. I’d like to have someone to make it for.


I heard he was fun at parties.


man, this schizophrenia sucks :frowning:


That’s a given.


Well since you brought it up, next time you’re sitting on the toilet eat a brownie at the same time. You’ll get a weird feeling.


This forum is too censored, we can’t say anything, lol. I would go on about my gay sex dreams I had last night. I was gonna make a gay joke, but f-k it.


That’s freaking awesome XD


I upvote Japanese things, particularly anime and characters with pink, blue, purple ect hair.


isnt mortimore a harry potter thing? im gay too


no mortimer is not a harry potter thing XD that would be Voldemort you’re thinking of. OH I JUST SAID THE NAME OHMIGOSH THE DEATH EATERS!!!


Is this the answer? LOL

No one said anything yet… well Mortimer mouse said the word…
but I’ll say it…


never read harry potter my dad wanted me to and i was rebellious lol