Say any thing thread!


my greyhound is on the racing track today!



very sad song that, good, but very sad :frowning:


I’m still pondering the resurfacing memories…

both true and false…

that have been drifting up from the depths of my mental ocean…

and littering the beach with glimpses of a shipwrecked past.


very poignant @SurprisedJ you are a poet warrior, you have a good way of putting it :slight_smile:


Sometimes I wish…

Sometimes I wish a lot…


having a few beers now


Cheers !!!


I got drunk last night. Oh well.


“Maybe I’m a different breed”


I just said fk it I’m going for a beer so I did, sitting outside a nearby pub now lol


im talking to friends XD


take care


I cannot wait till tomorrow it my shop day and I will be able to eat something that isn’t brown rice.


Hey I can see your avatar! Good move man


Starbucks has a buy one get one free fall drink happy hour. It is from 2 to 6pm on the 17th through the 21st.


I have one big toenail cut and the other one not.


Someone mentioned satans armpit and now I’m not so sure if thats true ahahhaa


i voted and then went to counselling class and i was exhausted even tho it was a half day, i was lucky because i couldn’t take any more and there is a dog in our class with a proper student card haha


Got Aleister Crowley on my mind this morning…what a weird dude he was huh?