Saxophones. Plus a song that is good to know of


Missed out on speaking my mind on the subject and felt like sharing my very little knowledge.

Building on what I asserted:

When Katy Perry came out with her AWESOME SONG ‘T.G.I.F’ my Sis said to me: ‘Yeah…you’re right! It is sort of 80s… there’s like saxophones and everything.’

I think Debbie Gibson used them too, and I would throw my weight around all things that ‘admission’ :blush: says or brings lolol

There’s some here I won’t get into for sake of brevity. But you said you love the sax. Was I correct in saying it’s an eighties thing?

And sidebar: Do you know the band ‘Wilco’ and their song ‘Handshake drugs’? If not you’ll ‘take’ to that song…!!! (The sax lyric in particular makes me think of Sz.

Hope you’re off to having a good day!!! I genuinely felt rude for not adding words to what you shared on your opinion for this ‘a soulful instrument!’ !!! (Also TGIF for real!!)

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When I think of sax, I think of Pink Floyd and Bob Seger, that sort of thing. I’ve just always liked the sound.

It did get popularize more in the 80s, I think there was one song that broke out of the mold and used it, and then everyone followed suit

Yeah, I know the band Wilco, but I don’t know that song. I’ll have to look it up

Cheers mate :grin:

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