Saw someone with td today

I was at a store today and asked a worker for help with something.

She turned and i felt so sorry for her because she had obvious td

her eyes and mouth were tweaking really bad

i tried so hard to not let her know i new what she was going threw

how would you react to someone you didnt know had td


Not necessarily td. I worked with a lovely lady way back in the day who had tics. Not sure what was what but it wasn’t a mental illness. It could be something entirely different so don’t be quick to judge or diagnose.


your right it could be anything just looked like i use to be sorry didnt mean to offend anybody @rogueone

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I would react to them just as i would react to a normal person. Treat them with respect and kindness.

Unless there a jerk then im gonna be a rascal :blush::blush:


I had seen two patients who had some movement disorder.

One was an old lady customer in a restaurant. She was with her family. She had facials muscle movements and neck jerks.

Another was a patient refilling his trihexyphenidyl. Don’t know if it was Parkinson’s or extrapyramidals. I felt sad for this person. Because I was taking trihexy back then as well. And doc hadn’t noticed his jerky movements of neck and face.

But who am I to judge competence of doc. Or try to diagnose these people.

One thing I try to do these days with everyone and specifically strangers and new introducees is not trying to help them unless they ask for it.

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