Saw some amazing turnarounds in high school

Where the class goat finally triumphed. Used to be this guy in school who had a reputation. I remember I heard of him before I even got to middle school.His name was Dale but everybody called him “Goofy” because he looked like the Disney character. I don’t want to be mean but he was funny looking and had the worst case of acne in school.

Everybody teased him and picked on him for four years of high school. But senior year he changed. I was at a dance with my friends and there was Dale dancing up a storm with some girls. I think he just reached a point where he didn’t give a damn what anybody thought and he was going to have confidence and enjoy himself.

I think about that every now and then. I saw. a few other people in his situation do the same thing and they just got tired of being picked on and found a little clique that accepted them and they gained self esteem and confidence. I always used to think it would happen to me and after years of feeling less than I would somehow magically gain confidence. I’ve been chasing that dream for years and it hasn’t happened.


One counselor said to me, “It is almost axiomatic that schizophrenics have self-esteem issues.”


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