Saw Pdoc Today

He’s reducing me down to 15mg of abilify from 20mg…

I’ve had a good run now for about 9 months. I’m hoping to lose some weight…get my libido back…and feel less lethargic.

I’ve just got to find that right dose where I’m not susceptible to go ‘off the rails’, but also not walking around like a stoned out zombie.

We’ll see…


That is exciting! I lowered my Geodon two months ago and it has gone amazing for me. I hope you do well, and can find a dose that leaves you with energy and a sex drive. Those things are important.

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I lowered my invega a few months ago and I feel waaay better.

Wish the same for you!

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Sounds like good news. I’m only on 10mg and find it almost impossible to tolerate. Glad it’s working out for you. You seem to be doing really well.

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