Saw my pdoc yesterday

He increased my mirtazapine from 30 to 45mg, the max dose, and encouraged me to stay away from Paleo diet and eat normal.

He said these diets are fads and we have been eating grains for a long time. Ok it’s all ok I will eat normal now, vegetarian with a few pieces of meat every now and then in a blue moon.

If mirtazapine doesn’t help for sleep he said he will increase my haldol from 4 to 5mg and give it to me in one dose at night, not divided as it is now.

One thing at a time he said. He also said there will always be ups and downs, I will never feel the same every day and that’s why my meds are adjusted from time to time or I get admitted to hospital and stabilised and discharged. There will be good days and bad days but he is trying his best. He’s a good pdoc. He’s the one I nickname Dr Mango :laughing:


It sounds like you have a good pdoc. I’m glad :slight_smile:


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