Saw an old friend

This was someone I used to do drugs with and get into trouble with Police.

He was boasting to me about his drink driving, taking Valium, doing coke, being in and out of rehab and losing time taking drugs and stuff

We chatted for about 2 hours, and I felt so awkward.

I spoke to my mother about this, and she reminded me that the drugs councillor I had when I was 17 said to my parents not to let any excuse come around to fall back into drugs

Shame. I like this guy, but I have moved on from all this ■■■■, and I am afraid if I take him up on offer of socialising, I might end up taking drugs again

Why is it I always meet people from my past and I get dragged into this?

Why can’t I meet normal people who do normal things.

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Your life could depend on you not seeing this guy again. You can always be honest with him about why you can’t meet him again. He won’t like it of course.

But it sounds like he’s already made his life decisions.

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This could be a problem though, as he is a hot head and from a notorious local Italian family who have a bit of a reputation in my town. Not sure if they still do, but it’s really dodgy thing to deal with.

I just feel like he was trying to manipulate me using the nostalgia of things we used to get up to

I think you’re right there. For me this is ancient history, but he’s still in the thick of it all.

The only thing I can ‘score’ drug wise these days is Diazepam from the doctor, but that doesn’t make me high

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