Saw an angel today....poem

I saw an angel today,
she waved and flew away
I am sad that she is gone
but I am so happy she was here.
I know to be happy now
even though I can’t see her
she is there, all the time
I just can’t see her.


Are you okay? Did you really see an angel? Were you hallucinating?

It’s a nod to a friend I saw today is all…no I didn’t see an angel, or did I? haha all friends are angels.


Oh okay good I was worried that you might be getting sick. Glad that you saw a friend today, I hope you guys were able to hang out or maybe just talk for a little bit.

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she sent me a letter…just a way to describe how it felt was like seeing an angel…sorry for worrying you.

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Don’t worry, it’s fine. I’m just glad you’re okay. Glad you got to hear from your friend!

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sorry for the mix up…I was just happy so I wrote a little poem…next time I will put a note on it so it doesn’t scare anyone…haha

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