Saving our body (Dont panic! We are safe.)

Saving a body

The essence of each one (our soul and what makes us living beings) is something that belongs and is created by God, whom promises salvation and benefits for good acts. We will never get to complete any endeavor in decoding or creating something analogous to our soul.
However, saving the brain in a non decaying body is interesting and a productive subject, which takes us to a fertile area for concrete and non-schizoid thoughts.

Initial step

  1. Identify each signal that enters and exits the brain. Basically everything that comes in and out and is easily indentified by some specialized technology we might or might not have at the moment (I have NO idea how far we are advanced in this area).
    Decode the signal so that it is reproducible. Place of origin, how it was originated, destination and way of acting in the destination place (remembering that we are going to have to create artificial bodies too)

how: you have to know how to decode a nervous signal. Depart from there.

all tests must be non-invasive (we have to develop the technology, this is for those that like science and are willing to take part on a very hard biotech, long term and high reward project)
all tests must be generalist, and sub-species that we might find (cause of our origin) must be drawn from studies of the brain’s logical code.

Only resort to invasive stuff when the project is VERY evolved and pain is no longer a real problem given studies on how pain works (how to achieve and study-focused processes on a brain without having to deal with any sort of it)

Final part (decades from now)(just to give some scare on you, reader) = remove the brain and weld on the artificial housing.

Have a nice trip.

PS: I forgot to mention that our brain,unlike the rest of the body, for some god perfectection reason does NOT age. We do not decay there. So once it’s safe, we are safe.
We are safe in general. God promises us other chances in different places. We travel around every single night in our sleep. God also tells us not to suicide, because we are here for a reason and we must complete our earth task beforehand. Saving the body might be a fun enough project to keep us alive and active in our thoughts

I personally dont suicide cause I’m afraid of being born in, idk, in a africa-like place for quitters. haha Besides, it might be wayyyy too painfull to die in non natural causes. God might be punishing to those that do not completelly go though being born on Capela (Earth)

tldr: Have fun on earth, you just have been born. read posts 2 and 3.