Saving Myself first!

So. Some relationships are hard work. My ex mrs is like that. It’s a long story but been in touch for years even though I split up and left in 2004. I still have feelings as you do and I’m not the person to let things go. Those things that you were attracted too don’t change. Those things you left over don’t either.

I’m a bit sad. I asked her to remove me from her facebook account today. I can’t be a friend anymore even though she’s hurting. She’s in a tough spot but acts out. It’s not something I need to go through over and over and I had to draw a line in the sand.

It’s sad letting people go in your life but it’s for the best. I can’t help her in her current situation. I can’t be anything but a friend and I can’t be a punching bag because of her drama! I can’t save anyone but myself these days and I need more stable relationships in my life! I am sz after all.

In sadness. Goodbye Fair Friend!


Does she overwhelm you by her actions in her life,
Is she like not knowing anything about right direction in life and whenever someone wants to show it to her, she can’t grasp it,

If its so then leave her with confident,

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Mate. She just constantly makes bad decisions and there’s other stuff privately involved. I like to be a friend but I’d also like to maintain a relationship with her daughter. It’s sad. I didn’t mind ringing her in America and having a chat but as I say…

I can’t be there to be abused or such. I’m just not available anymore for that. I’m not the bad guy!


I think I understand the situation you are in, at least partially,
This type of girls want someone to testify that in their wrong doings they are not guilty, they want to feel happy like a good person but have not any power to correct their mistakes,
They rob your energy,

Hope I’m not too astrayed,

Good luck, dear friend

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good on you for looking out for yourself. you will mentally be better for it.

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my girlfriend used to rant a lot to me, and i had to one day tell her no more rants because i feel like a sounding board, and heck i have mental illness i dont need to hear a bunch of drama i can barely handle myself. so i told her to talk to her friends or a councelor if she wants to rant.

case closed :smile:

@rogueone,You still have a chance to find someone new.I’t’s hard to deal with old relationships.I had a girlfrend,and we split more then 20 years ago,but I just caught my self thinking of her.But we’re changed.She told me one time ago.We aren’t that innocent like we used to when we were younger.I liked her very much because she was so beautiful and open.
But now,It’s time to move on.You look still young,and I’m sure that if you let her “go”,you’ll find someone new.Good luck!

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@rogueone good for you for setting boundaries for yourself! That takes a lot of strength especially when it’s someone you care about.


I hate people like that. They leave others to pick up the pieces.

Well done on breaking free.

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@rogueone this is a very healthy step you’re taking. I know it hurts, but in the long run it’s good for you.

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This is a good reminder to me that men/partners can only put up with so much bitching. I know that it is exhausting for you guys. Thank you for sharing your perspective @rogueone. I do a bit of leaning on and bitching too. I should correct that before it’s too late!

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