Saving a ton of money and I’m starting work this week

My dad and I made an agreement that I told u guys about. I get access to only about $100 of my ssdi check at once. In turn I don’t spend so much because everything is pretty much run by my dad. He oversees all my finances and so far it’s really working !!! And now I’m gonna start work this week. I can’t wait to start really saving money so I can work towards moving out. Get me and Don Juan an apartment a year from now when I’ve saved enough.


Sounds like a good plan.
What will you be working?
Hope it’s something you enjoy, and aren’t doing it for money only.

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We’re a cleaning service. It was my last job, same company as 14 months ago. They always said I could have my job back when I’m ready. So I finally decided to text them and they say yes :raised_hands:. I like it. Sometimes I’ll be working alone, sometimes with people. Mostly short shifts at multiple sites. Which could be not the best. But I’m in a much better place then last time I did the job. And besides, winter is over. Last time at this job I worked October-February and it was the worst time of year. I never get any depression, EXCEPT during winter. Spring might be starting today too finally lol.