Saved soul


how would i find out if my soul is saved in life? it’s my biggest worry!


Why are you worried about that? If a soul does not exist, one does not need to worry about it.


imo the soul does exists and i felt a feeling of hell in my heart, so my quest now is to find out where i’m going after death…


I just moved this to Unusual Beliefs as this is going to be yet another religious discussion.


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imo its good to discuss and try find answers to fears and worries


There’s only one way you’re going to find an answer to that question and it’s not something you should rush towards. In the meantime, religion is a trigger topic for a lot of people here, which is why the concern when it comes up constantly.



if i knew i was safe after life my life would be one big holiday


Ben Franklin had a saying…

“take good care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.”

I took that to mean… take care of the small stuff and big stuff will be Ok.

So take care of the small moments… the small acts of kindness will add up and I bet in the end… which is a long way off… it will all be Ok.

That’s just my 2 cents.


Oh, phooey. Where’s the fun in watching a movie or reading a book if you’ve run into a spoiler and found out the ending? :smile:



imo knowing the ending would mean being in full control on the journey…maybe there is no end :wink:


Religion i feel has destroyed me. Many times it brought me comfort but sure enough that comfort never lasted. I’ve tried many from pentecostal to catholic. How can anyone find a religion that will comfort them unless they’re very closed up to what other people believe because even in christianity alone there are over 40000 denominations. So much disagreement. You can’t be Amish, Mormon, Baptist, etc all at once. For example Amish community believe that if you leave their community that you’re going to hell. How could everyone be right? I’ve concluded that Albert Einstein was closest to the truth lol. I love his quotes on God and spirituality. That’s all I want to say before this makes me extremely depressed.


if there was a god he preaches love and forgiveness so I cant see anyone in hell really.


I was reading about this near death experience where this woman visited hell with God’s guidance. People were put in different places in hell, and God would say, “I love these people so much, but I just had to put them in hell”. He loves us to know end, but he just has to condemn us to intolerable suffering for eternity.
I think the conservative Christians have been flooding the near death sites with hellish experiences because they dearly want to use the threat of hell as a tool for recruitment.


But what about all the near deaths of Muslims seeing Allah, Buddhist seeing buddha? Or the Muslim who saw Buddha lol? Religion is a big mess.


and if all sinners go to hell everyone I know will be there so its all good.


some say we judge our self after life a choice


I say forgive yourself after a life choice.


A friend of mine told me one time that everyone
holds a small piece of truth.
So I guess that means that you need to get a very wide view of things to be able to figure out your own private " religion "…or spirituality…


if you are kind you have nothing to fear.
take care from the :alien:


just got good news, everyones soul is saved