Saturday Morning

Woke up early in this morning at 6 AM
feeling great after few cups of coffee
remembering the past and events of my life
almost wanting to go back in time
to experience the life again as it was
but can not, but still memories remain
and those photos of my life
my hobby I started in the early 1980s
taking pictures of my life and people in it
as we live we get older, only photos are left
this is what nostalgic memories are
waking up to old thoughts and life events
it is the great way to start a day again.


Pictures are better, I’d never go back in time for anything-never!
I lost most of my photos in the flood of 2006, didn’t know Safe’s weren’t water-proof, only fire-proof (at least for a few minutes at certain temps), strangely enough some pics have resurfaced in my room undamaged.
So have a few I have never taken, and one distinctly unique one that I threw away in 19997 when I emptied my house on a determined, lonely Sunday.

I like old photos, I have photos of my grandfather and my father who is now at the elderly care facility, I suppose I am my family’s photo keeper.

One of my photos is especially good, in this photo my father is with Emil Zatopek who won many Olympic medals. It was taken in my little town when Zatopeks visited our town. I am especially proud of this photo.

I love my print photos.
Taking pictures is better with a digital camera, because you can see the pic first (over film), but I truly miss holding those 24 or 36 (prints per roll of film) printed pictures.

Had over 13,000 pictures on my iPhone before it took a swim and drowned.

My mom has photos from her family taken around 1900 or before, so did my dad.
I love to listen to the stories that go with them.