Saturday get things done day

Cleaned up a bit. Still lots more to do. I want to finish up most of it tomorrow. I’d like to invite my ex husband in when he comes to pick up my daughter but not if it’s a disaster in here. I guess I’ll see what tomorrow brings.

My son was here most of the day. It was so nice to see him.


I didn’t do ■■■■

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I woke up with a cup of tea in bed brought in with my mobile phone and my dog was taken for a walk thanks to my darling boyfriend.

We got jiggi and then we watched the news.

Then he went home and I had family breakfast at a cafe and I had crepes with strawberries and cream so I’m nolonger on a vegan diet since I cheat .

Then I came home and listened to my favourite radio and sat in the sun a couple hours.

I also was on my exercise bike 45 minutes.
Very slowly though.
No sweat and not out of breath but my legs were moving for 45 minutes even though it was very slowly it’s still good and something is something.

Now I have finished listening to guided meditation and will soon have dinner.

I have eaten so much junk lately so I’m having a small dinner tonight.
Just Musli with soy milk and a glass of cordial.
If I am still hungry I might eat more.
See how I go.

I put on weight unfortunately and want to loose weight.

Pretty good day for me today.

Very good of you to make your own bread.
That’s impressive.

My mum gave me a book on sour dough bread and they made their own sour dough yeast and it took a couple Westin think to make the yeast and bread sour dough the old fashioned way.

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Hey, don’t let what others do make you feel bad please. If you’re able to do a bit more this week than you did last week, that’s a solid win. Also, you’re not going to win every week so don’t allow an off week crush your spirits.