Saturday get things done day

So far this morning I’ve walked for an hour, gotten pickles going, gotten bread going, and cleaned the upstairs washroom. Need to do an hour of learning towards my CEU requirements and then Imma walk some more. Thinking of going shopping after lunch to get the ingredients for making my own pizza hot pockets.

What are you all up to this fine Saturday?



WOaH you been very busy today, cool.

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I have to clean my house today. A friend is coming over tonight.


2 loaves of bread rising in the oven now. Got a new batch of sourdough starter going. Split and seeded two spaghetti squash and they’re cooking in the top two tiers in my steamer. A peeled and chopped bag of carrots going in the bottom. I’m trying to cook a bunch of veggies ahead for this week to simplify making meals so we don’t wind up eating rubbish or ordering takeaway. Will cook off some Brussels sprouts and then a pack of sausages next.


I did the groceries, saw my nan, emptied some crap out of my van, did a quote, made lunch for my parents and then slept until 4:30pm!

Just doing some chores this evening. Kitchen is clean now and the washing is on.

Going to have to do some ironing, but might leave until tomorrow.

Got really irritated with YouTube, as I rented a movie a day ago, and every time I go to play it I get a license error message

It was only 1.99 but I opened a PayPal dispute as it’s the principle! Google has loads of money.


Woke up super early this morning.
Made coffee for my dad and I.
Prepared his breakfast.

Got my father ready for his Covid vaccination.

Called Uber and went with my father to the hospital to get his second vaccination.

I’m now resting at home after making myself a spaghetti dinner.

Patting myself on the back!


Sitting in the hospital lol


Just got home from an 10hr day at work. My plan right now is to relax and chill out. Also spend time here.


Oops its just past midnight now so technically Sunday but i did some stuff i guess,

  • Attended science centre zoom on climate change
  • Started planning radio show
  • Got Macd’s then drove to the park (took camera) snapped a tree
  • Took bins out and packed the composter,
  • Recorded my radio show and sent it off

thats about it, the toadstool trail was nice ant the tree was nice that i papped


me too !! got out today since the roads were practically clear finally and got some grocery shopping done…yayyyy


What kind of pickles are those??? Please tell me bread and butter they are the best! You make your own hot pockets??? I would ask how but I can’t eat them and David won’t

Oh, I thought Saturday was sleep-til-the-afternoon day.
And “Shirk all your responsibilities and eat-Mexican-food-at the-park day.”

I’ll make up for it by wasting the night by driving around aimlessly.

BUT…I shopped for groceries online and cleaned my car.

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1 long English cucumber sliced thin.
1 tbsp pickling spice
1 tsp dill weed
1 tsp red pepper flakes (optional)
1 tsp salt
4 packets calorie free sweetener
water (chlorine free, filtered, or distilled, room temperature)
white wine vinegar
1 half pint mason jar (I reuse Classico pasta sauce jars)

Put all dry ingredients into the bottom of your jar. Stuff it with the sliced cucumber, should cram right to the top. Fill to half with water. Fill the remaining half with vinegar. Put the lid on and shake vigorously to mix. Let sit in fridge for 48 hours, making sure to flip every half day so the product at top and bottom can take in the flavoured juices.

This gives you a nice crunchy pickle with a huge punch of flavour, much fresher than what the stores sell. Lasts about ten days in the fridge before it has to be discarded. Practically no calories, you can track calories as a dill pickle that has no sugar.

@MrSquirrel. So it’s a dill pickle? It sounds good either way

Sort of, sort of not.

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@MrSquirrel. Dill pickles don’t have sweetener does it? Is this a recipe that’s been passed down? Your own creations? Or maybe the internet? Either way it sounds down right good

It’s just something I threw together on my own.

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@MrSquirrel. Nice!

Hmmmm pickles. Homer Simpson drool :wink:

Earlier today I went to the grocer to pick up shampoo and some instant rice for a dinner I threw together earlier.

Then I bounced over to the thrift shop. Nothing there really caught my eye, so I headed home.

Just got through watching Svengoolie now I’m just seeing what everyone is up to online. :slight_smile:


I’m not nearly as productive as you guys, but I’ll try to improve. Today, I read most of what was needed for next week in my literature class. I also applied for a bursary, which hopefully will be accepted since I was rejected for student loans this semester. My mom does the cooking which is bad I guess, I should take responsibility.

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