Sarees... what do you think of this one?


it’s my cousins wedding soon and I’ve been practicing to put on a saree.

Anyway i have been looking around. hows this one look? :smile:

Sorry i know lately some of my topics have nothing to do with sz


Looks good…


thats really nice x :slight_smile:


This is odd, in the post to mortimermouse, I just said I had a weakness for women in Sarees. My heart just speeds up a little…

I like the one you chose. The colors are very striking.


Very bright and cheery - nice, I like it


Beat my usual outfit

But yeah it looks great, have fun! Weddings are really positive places, I’ve been to one and people were crying tears of joy and everything.

I wonder if I will ever get married, and if I do, if I will insist on having a red white and black themed wedding with rock music and only serve Guinness extra stout or if I will have “matured” by then.

But getting married is silly for a 20 year old to think about.

Sorry to talk about myself.

But yeah go and have fun, a couple of my friends from high school are Indian and they say that Indian weddings are great.


I’ts very pretty. I like the colors


*poke I remembered that too. :wink:


I used to drink Guinness extra stout. It was my beer of choice for BYOB parties.

I’ve always wanted to try a Black Velvet though.


I think that it is beautiful!!


That’s gorgeous! The overall shape of the dress is just stunning. 11 out of 10.


Indian weddings aren’t what they’re hyped up to be. They are loooooong and extremely tiring. Luckily my cousin is going for a registry office wedding and a meet and greet reception. I had a dress but my cousin said there is no way i am wearing that dress so she will go saree shopping with me… I’d really like something similar to this one its really pretty… :smile: