Sarcosine WORKS!

Here in Ontario, Canada I can buy it at most pharmacies. When asking for it I sometimes have to say that long name as they don’t recognize the abbreviation.

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In the US it’s available in almost any pharmacy or grocery store, I’m pretty sure it’s at GNC too.

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I’ve been taking glycine 2g per day and have very good results. It took about 3 mo. to take be effective. My concentration and mood is better, and my thinking appears to be sharper. I’m familiar with the study where they did 60g per day. Don’t know why they prescribed such a high dose.

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Ordered this on Saturday…

I must get this profrontal. What is it?

Sarcosine - see details at this link:

Is it only available online?

I’ve never seen it anywhere else.

What’s the best website to get the real deal?

I’m confused. the site says sarcosine on the bottle, is it just the brand that’s different? I ordered sarcosine from

yah, the package I have says sarcosine and N-acetyl cysteine on it. Maybe just the supplier is different.

They are similar but they are different chemicals

OH i see what you’re saying now. You’ve got more than just sarcosine than

I donno. But I’m gonna start taking it next week. I can’t wait. I really hope it would help me.

Fingers crossed. The chemistry of it is pretty solid in theory. I think the brain adapts to its presence eventually though and it doesn’t work as well.

I have my doc’s appointment on Tuesday morning. getting anxious, I’m gonna ask his opinion.

I guess it’s the weekend. That does sound like something you could settle quicker with a phone call.

He’s either never heard of it or he’ll probably say its ok.

I asked him on the phone, he didn’t know what jt was. I’m gonna take the package with me on tuesday and show him. I’m also gonna ask about disability benefits and therapy. I think therapy will really help me once I get back from vacation. I will stop Geodon in about 1.5 weeks. Can’t wait.

Therapy is great. It can only help.

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Gonna order this in a few days, looking forward to trying it