Sarcosine vs bacopa extract and l-theanine, my experience

So I’ve tried sarcosine and ltheanine together, and after 2 weeks I felt very paranoid but wasn’t sleeping nearly half as much as I did without it. Bacopa extract and an ltheanine drink called, “Phocus”, seems to be a sweet spot for me. The ltheanine helps tremendously with all of my symptoms, and regulating my sleep pattern and the bacopa extract helps with my memory and lethargy.

I’ve been using the bacopa and ltheanine for about 3 weeks now and as long as I take my psych meds with them, my quality of life is much better with them. The only thing I notice is if I don’t drink a couple of my ltheanine drinks then the bad thoughts flare up which leads to my other systems flaring up as well. You can find the phocus drink and bacopa extract on Amazon.

I’ve also found that you don’t want to take too much bacopa extract as you can have flare ups that way as well. I take 2 pills in the morning and 2 at night and that helps. I also noticed that I’m back to sleeping a lot but at least I’m not paranoid and loopy like I was when I was taking sarcosine. I asked my pdoc about lthenine and he said that it is normally used for anxiety and I can attest that it does help with that as well.

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Extremely dangerous for people with cardiac issues.

Didn’t know, thanks for the heads up

I ran it past my cardiologist and he pretty much yelled at me to stay away from it.

I take 100mg theanine and 320mg bacopa daily. I am careful with these supplements as they both have considerable effect on neurotransmitters.

Update: I’ve stopped taking the bacopa extract as I think that is what is giving me bad thoughts. The phocus drink works wonders though so I will stay on that. Do your own research and consult a doctor before taking supplements please. Lots of trial and error from taking supplements on my part and it is really dangerous to be playing with supplements, as it can affect you for the worse.


Yeh be careful with supplements. People die from them all the time.