Sarcosine supplements

My Mom ordered for me Sarcosine and I think Nac? She says it repairs the brain does anybody take these supplements?

I ordered them but I doubt they will have any effect.

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I received an order recently and took NAC with Sarcosine. I think the results were good. There could be other interactions, or side effects that differ, though.

It worked for a while. I took a lot of supplements. They stopped working for a while. Nothing has cured anything, but they made me feel better and reduced the negs somewhat. Sometimes, it was just temporary. I think I actually have positive, permanent brain changes from sarcosine and other supplements.

Mental disorders is basically due to brain inflammation. NAC is a good antioxidant. Thus it can help. Other useful antioxidants include omega 3, green tea etc.

Sarcosine doesn’t cause brain damage.

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