Sarcosine same as Glycine is it NMDA receptor modulates?

First off all this is the work ILADVOCATE from medhelp, that helped me discover that Glycine from vital nutrients is an anti psychotic of the new generation.

Now i want to continue his work, will Sarcosine from do the same since it’s converting to Glycine in the human body?

Do i/we really need to take NAC with it?

i will be taking Abilify injection each month and klonopin 1 mg twice daily

any possible dangerous interactions, YES from the seroquel, but not abilify injections, but what about klonopin?

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Why do you take Klonopin? Do you have panic attacks?

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yes and seizures from light sensivity and due to the anti psychotic

(not falling seizures) but when im in front too long on my laptop i get this,

i alo get pannick attacks, it gets treated very well with it

but i dont know sarcosine interaction with abilify maintena 400 mg injection and klonopin and sarcosine and NAC from profrontal

There is no interaction between Sarcosine or NAC and Abilify Maintena. I don’t know about Klonopin vs Sarcosine.

Klonopin works on GABA im not sure NMDA i will google it

Klonopin and Doxepin inhibit NMDA and increase GABA, giving one a deeper and more restful sleep.


@Andrey what do you think about this?

I notice they also mention Glycine in this article. Sarcosine is converted to glycine, so I guess you can safely take sarcosine with klonopin… But I’m not a doctor. You should ask your pdoc about it.

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@Andrey i will thanks

i know Glycine had an immediate anti psychotic effect on me an anti depressant with just 1 scoop
and it lasted a day, then i upped my seroquel XR and almost died so i wont be using seroquel XR just abilify and low dose klonopin maybe 0,5 mg twice daily just to be one the safe side