Sarcosine Reduces Symptoms in Schizophrenia

@anon16583342 do you see the “+” sign - so you can zoom in? That should work - let me know if not, and what web browser and version you are using. you may need to update your web browser to get all the features.

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Yes, the “+” sign works.

Thanks for the reply.

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Hey all Just started taking it, but at night, starting to a bit but during the day not so.
What is visual delusions with auditory

I think its wrong to withhold patients with anxiety disorder from benzos.

I believe my facility is trying to push Gabapentin as an alternative.

Sarcosine doesnt really have any effect on anxiety.

Hey guys, sorry I got kinda lost… Have to get on pills soon sooo… Which ap does sarcosine work best in your opinion… does it help improve studying? I need it mostly for neg relief due to studying

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What is the dosage, for schz? Is it just 2 capsules

I take 2 grams in the morning and sometimes 2 grams in the afternoon.
Usually just morning though

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I see, Thank you!

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Yeah i took sarcosine for like 2 months, little hard to tell if it was helping or not, i recently bought something called agmatine, they say it helps with motivation.

I just bought a bag of sarcosine off and I have taken it for a couple of days. I feel a little less impulsive overall (less intense voices) but other things seem to be the same. It’s funny, it supposed to help negative symptoms but I feel like negative symptoms like “lack of motivation, not being proactive” has increased a little bit instead of decreasing. I’ll see how the next few weeks/months go.

I order Sarcosina, I let you know How IS working…

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What r the delivery times? i live in canada, quebec

I love in America in the Mountains - Our food is corrupt

Ordered some again. Havent taken it in 4-5 months. Been pretty sluggish these days so im hoping to get a bit more functioning from it.

One of the clinical studies I read says that 1 gram can be more therapeutical than 2 grams.
Also said that it takes a couple weeks to work fully. It’s not like popping an aspirin and the pain goes away. When dealing with natural treatments they arent always quick fixes.

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I was trying this, it said 3-6 capsules a day on mine and for a couple of days I decided to just have 2 a day and see what happened. All was ok, I felt meh but was having significant memory issues, couldn’t get through sentences because I was forgetting basic words every 2 minutes and then didn’t know what I was talking about anymore and this was happening very very frequently like twice a short conversation. I decided to have 3 the day after and it all went downhill that day, memory issues but with the added forgetting whatever action I was doing in the middle of doing it, was riding a bike and got so confused that I had to get off and started crying. I have no idea what my issue is… is it the sarcosine? I was doing fine before it but was wondering if it would alleviate any lasting paranoid thoughts i have.

I dont think sarcosine is meant to treat any positive symptoms. Its for negative symptoms

Oh yeah again just my memory, I got it because I was feeling ok at the time and thought it might help if I went into another depressive episode which happens when I get paranoid. I was also going on holiday and didn’t want to have motivation issues. But my post wasn’t about what I wanted it to treat, it was more about the sudden change that happened to me when I tried it. I just wanted to check if anyone else had experienced this so what I got it for doesn’t really matter in this context

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Oh ok. Ive never noticed any memory issues taking it. If anything my cognition slightly improves.