Sarcosine Reduces Symptoms in Schizophrenia


What I’ve seen is that prostate cancer cells have higher levels of sarcosine - and this was researched as a potential test for prostate cancer.


The authors have not suggested that sarcosine causes prostate cancer but rather have demonstrated quite the opposite—that cancerous (or precancerous) prostate cells cause elevated levels of sarcosine. We would note in passing that the genetic inability to properly eliminate sarcosine (sarcosinemia) is biochemically recognized to occur in humans but is not associated with any recognizable phenotypic abnormality and is not known to be associated with malignancy of any type.


There is some suggestions that higher levels of sarcosine could be something that prostate cancer cells can feed off of, so if an older man has prostate cancer (only men have prostates, and cancer typically only happens in older men over the age of 65), he probably shouldn’t take sarcosine.

“Sarcosine levels seemed to control the invasiveness of the [prostate] cancer”


@SzAdmin can you take it on abilify


I reacted quite badly to this
Increased buzz and psychosis and hallucinations
Like a street drug for me
I started on a high dose
And after it happen ed a couple of times I tried the lowest possible dose
My community nurse then researched it and said For Me because of the reaction to the high dose the low dose would not be good either