Sarcosine Reduces Symptoms in Schizophrenia



I think my Fluanxol somehow interferes with Sarcosine’s duration of effect. I haven’t found studies on this. Sarcosine works for 1-2 hours if taken with Fluanxol and 5 hours or more if used as a monotherapy. Furthermore, Fluanxol makes my speech degrade even more (just like Risperidone, Sulpiride, Seroquel and Clopixol).


Okay, I’m out of this. I appreciate sarcosine helps some people tremendously. And even though it helped me with my alogia, I get the same benefits from just drinking strong instant coffee or energy drink. Plus, caffeine helps with my asociality and avolition - something sarcosine failed to do. My next stop is memantine and maprotilline. Former is said to have a half-life of 60-100 hours, which implies for it to have a durable effect, unlike sarcosine, alanine, NAC and other such substances. Latter is said to help cut down alogia and asociality by 50%, which are good results.


Didn’t want to make a whole new thread as it has been asked before (but I saw no answers useful to me). So ; anyone managed to get sarcosine shipped to Belgium, and if yes, what were the import costs? BrainVitaminz sells 180g packages which means I need to pay about 20 euros extra (because the value is more than 22 euros and then you get to pay customs).

I asked around in pharmacies but it looks like they’re not allowed to order any without prescription. Glycine either makes me aggressive or something else (I am bullied online by a fairly large group and my reaction to it became much stronger). I was hoping the sarcosine would give me the benefits of glycine without the negatives. Maybe it’s not a good idea anyways.


I’m still afraid of taking sarcosine again due to prostate problems.


I ended up ordering it from BrainVitaminz (they packaged it as a ‘vitamin drink powder’ and its value was set to below 22 euros). It arrived yesterday, no fees.


Did any1 here order sarcosine from BrainVitaminz in Europe? If yes, what are the fees? Thank you, and have a great day&year! Love


Where do you live?


Belgium … I mailed the company before ordering.


I’m doing well with 2 grams of sarcosine.


How long did it take the delivery to you guys? Tx


I just started 3 days ago
feels promising already somehow


I have already bought 200g in powder of pure Sarcosine. Can you tell me how you take this?


I tried sarcosine for a few days, it gave me a nice cognitive boost but i suffered from side effects from as low as 0.5 gram - agitation, anxiety (on 1 gram i also suffered from psychotic-like symptoms).

i’m really upset about giving up on sarcosine, since it did help me a lot with my cognition.

two weeks ago i had a small psychotic break, i’m still recuperating but i got to the point in which i don’t have anxiety or psychotic symptoms, and then i started taking sarcosine which gave me the side effects.
- is there any refrence regarding some kind of correlation between overall stability (in regard to positive symptoms) and the tolerance to sarcosine in the research? (i wonder if maybe i should wait until i’m more stable, or maybe it doesn’t matter)
- can someone with low tolerance to sarcosine consume d-serine?
- maybe i should look on changing my meds? (i’m on 12 mg of perphenazine)
- i’m also taking NAC, maybe that’s the problem?


Hi there, Jadek.
To answer your qs:
-You can use sarcosine no matter what your current mental state is
-nac doesn’t work bad in combination with sarcosine(there are actually promoters of using them together/


How is it going so far, Toshiko?


I tried increasing too quickly
it was a bit like a hit and then a consequence
i did it 2 x like that

my psych nurse is looking into the safety

thanks xx


Can you use it whilst on clozapine


The research suggests that you are unlikely to see any additional benefit over Clozapine, which seems to be the only medication that seems to also hit the NMDA brain receptor.



Sarcosine produced no greater improvement when co-administered with clozapine than placebo plus clozapine at weeks 2, 4, and 6. Sarcosine was well tolerated and no significant side-effect was noted.


Unlike patients treated with other antipsychotics, patients who received clozapine treatment exhibit no improvement by adding sarcosine or agonists at the NMDA-glycine site. Clozapine possesses particular efficacy, possibly related to potentiation of NMDA-mediated neurotransmission. This may contribute to the clozapine’s unique clinical efficacy and refractoriness to the addition of NMDA-enhancing agents.


Does it cause cancer? I would like to know. A few members mentioned this. I just thought it messed up the prostate cancer test or something ( I don’t know). I take sarcosine everyday.