Sarcosine Reduces Symptoms in Schizophrenia



I think my Fluanxol somehow interferes with Sarcosine’s duration of effect. I haven’t found studies on this. Sarcosine works for 1-2 hours if taken with Fluanxol and 5 hours or more if used as a monotherapy. Furthermore, Fluanxol makes my speech degrade even more (just like Risperidone, Sulpiride, Seroquel and Clopixol).


Okay, I’m out of this. I appreciate sarcosine helps some people tremendously. And even though it helped me with my alogia, I get the same benefits from just drinking strong instant coffee or energy drink. Plus, caffeine helps with my asociality and avolition - something sarcosine failed to do. My next stop is memantine and maprotilline. Former is said to have a half-life of 60-100 hours, which implies for it to have a durable effect, unlike sarcosine, alanine, NAC and other such substances. Latter is said to help cut down alogia and asociality by 50%, which are good results.


Didn’t want to make a whole new thread as it has been asked before (but I saw no answers useful to me). So ; anyone managed to get sarcosine shipped to Belgium, and if yes, what were the import costs? BrainVitaminz sells 180g packages which means I need to pay about 20 euros extra (because the value is more than 22 euros and then you get to pay customs).

I asked around in pharmacies but it looks like they’re not allowed to order any without prescription. Glycine either makes me aggressive or something else (I am bullied online by a fairly large group and my reaction to it became much stronger). I was hoping the sarcosine would give me the benefits of glycine without the negatives. Maybe it’s not a good idea anyways.


I’m still afraid of taking sarcosine again due to prostate problems.