Sarcosine Reduces Symptoms in Schizophrenia


Just ordered my Sarcosine can’t wait to try it. I have a 17 month old and have been struggling with my negative symptoms for the past year. Hopefully this will be the answer to my problems and I can have a more fufillng life with my son.


Sarcosine + a cup of coffee = powerhouse. I feel great! I feel awake. I feel alive. I feel motivated. I feel like leaving the house. I’m getting stuff done. Sarcosine is working for me.


I have been taking sarcosine for 2 months. I notice big difference within 2 weeks. Before sarcosine I have great difficulty holding small talk with colleagues. Always dead air. They say I just lack response. Nothing comes up. I can talk freely and happily with them just like anyone now. Friend and colleagues said I have more response and I’m responding to social conversations much faster.

Another thing, my comprehension comes back. I used to be a very intelligent being. After taking the med, I always feel I can’t think clearly or do not understand fully. I’m getting better with sarcosine.


Yeah all supplements like Sarcosine, Fish oil, Alive Multi-Vitamin, Phosphatidylcholine, L-Methylfolate. Whether taken together or each separate seems to cause my voices to surface & my symptoms to worsen. I get paranoid & delusional with voices after trying the above out, even after a day the symptoms surface. I don’t know if I’m being cursed or if my body just can’t handle supplements like others can. Either way I keep making the same mistakes with these supplements & I keep getting the same negative results. They say supplements period, are bad for a person. So yeah, Sarcosine is a no/no. Either way it can get depressing that I can’t improve myself with supplements. It’s just plain tough for me, I guess. At least there’s the meds…


Does sarcosine help with alogia? I have it bad right now.


Can I use NAC and Sarcosine together?


Yes - no issues


I never had a problem with schizophrenic issues until i tried sarcosine and nac and I now have schizophrenics issues i purchased it from profrontal thinking it could help with anxiety and etc not realizing that it was mostly for schizophrenics and I began to have delusions, hullucinations and changes to thoughts and thinking terrible anxiety etc which still remain to this day… did I developed schizophrenia ? Or did j have a bad reaction to what i took it even feels like my reality is desentized


So I have been taking Sarcosine for 3 months. I have received good comments from friends, colleague, even supervisor at workplace, my mother and my visiting nurse. All of them feel that I’m different in a positive way. So it has been very positive for me.

I decided to try also NAC since last week. Within a few days, I notice myself could problem solve. I come up with good ideas. I am thinking more effectively. I can do things like I do in the past. I feel like someone with mental retardation for some years. It gives me so much hope I feel intelligent again.

I want to say thank you to the forum and the people here. I first learnt about Sarcosine here and same to what I learnt about NAC and its benefit to SZ. Thank you for your great work. It makes a great different to my life!


Probably unrelated. Lots of people use NAC from everything for autism to flu to skin picking disorder.

The uses of sarcosine are fewer, but also probably unrelated. But if this started when you began taking it, obviously stop.

If you think you are having symptoms of schizophrenia, see a doctor. They can help.


Does sarcosine cause any addiction or dependent?


No. It is an amino acid that you already have in your body at low levels.


But it is an amino acid which affect brains neurontransmitter right? There is possibility right? Not an amino acid who helps in build up muscle protein, as for example.


Its an amino acid that affects the NMDA receptor of the brain. This is not a neural pathway that, to the best of my knowledge, has ever been implicated in addiction, and there are no indications in the clinical research studies that there have ever been any addiction or dependency issues. Feel free to check for yourself - just search on sarcosine and schizophrenia on the Pubmed database and review the results:


To answer my own question, it does indeed help with alogia. I received my package yesterday and took 2 grams and the results are satisfying.


I’ve been using it for almost two weeks and am going to report on the results. I bought a 60 grams package from BrainVitaminz. I take it orally, 2 grams daily in a single dose. It has a sweet, sugar-like taste and appearance. Immediately after taking it, I notice tremendous effects on my poverty of speech and trouble expressing thoughts. The main caveat is that the short-term effect is unpredictable in its duration - going from 1 hour (as described on the package) to 5 hours or more if combined with NAC or energy drinks. I haven’t noticed improvements in other domains - except for slight alleviation of asociality, but that may well be a placebo effect. I’ll keep you posted if something changes.


That could be a placebo effect considering the effect of the sarcosine varies from hours


With regards to verbal subdomain, this is definitely not a placebo effect as it’s just too pronounced. I’ve noticed the same with other NMDAR agonists: NAC, beta-alanine (all I’ve tried so far).


Oh cool I mite give NAC a try since I have trouble verbalizing my thoughts. Sarcosine didn’t help me


What is NAC? Can someone link me? Thanks.