Sarcosine Reduces Symptoms in Schizophrenia


Just ordered my Sarcosine can’t wait to try it. I have a 17 month old and have been struggling with my negative symptoms for the past year. Hopefully this will be the answer to my problems and I can have a more fufillng life with my son.


Sarcosine + a cup of coffee = powerhouse. I feel great! I feel awake. I feel alive. I feel motivated. I feel like leaving the house. I’m getting stuff done. Sarcosine is working for me.


I have been taking sarcosine for 2 months. I notice big difference within 2 weeks. Before sarcosine I have great difficulty holding small talk with colleagues. Always dead air. They say I just lack response. Nothing comes up. I can talk freely and happily with them just like anyone now. Friend and colleagues said I have more response and I’m responding to social conversations much faster.

Another thing, my comprehension comes back. I used to be a very intelligent being. After taking the med, I always feel I can’t think clearly or do not understand fully. I’m getting better with sarcosine.


Yeah all supplements like Sarcosine, Fish oil, Alive Multi-Vitamin, Phosphatidylcholine, L-Methylfolate. Whether taken together or each separate seems to cause my voices to surface & my symptoms to worsen. I get paranoid & delusional with voices after trying the above out, even after a day the symptoms surface. I don’t know if I’m being cursed or if my body just can’t handle supplements like others can. Either way I keep making the same mistakes with these supplements & I keep getting the same negative results. They say supplements period, are bad for a person. So yeah, Sarcosine is a no/no. Either way it can get depressing that I can’t improve myself with supplements. It’s just plain tough for me, I guess. At least there’s the meds…


Does sarcosine help with alogia? I have it bad right now.


Can I use NAC and Sarcosine together?


Yes - no issues


I never had a problem with schizophrenic issues until i tried sarcosine and nac and I now have schizophrenics issues i purchased it from profrontal thinking it could help with anxiety and etc not realizing that it was mostly for schizophrenics and I began to have delusions, hullucinations and changes to thoughts and thinking terrible anxiety etc which still remain to this day… did I developed schizophrenia ? Or did j have a bad reaction to what i took it even feels like my reality is desentized