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Sarcosine Reduces Symptoms in Schizophrenia


Do you take the powder sodium benzoate? Does it have any negative side effects? How does it taste?


I take the powder. It was pretty strong in the beginning. Like I felt really stimulated. So I lowered it from 1 g to .5 g. Then after a couple of weeks, I went back up to 1 g. It tastes sort of bitter, where as sarcosine is sweet.


Anyone else taking this combination of sarcosine and sodium benzoate?


Can anyone tell me, does this come in tablet form or is it a powder? And if it is a powder, how do you take it?? Thanks :blush:


Both are powders for me. The sarcosine comes with a 1gram spoon. The sodium benzoate needs to be weighed with a scale.


And do you take it in water or how?


I haven’t tried the Sodium Benzoate. I took my sarcosine as powder from a measuring spoon. I had initial hypomania for about a month followed by a low. Now I can’t tell any difference whether I take it or not. It was worth trying though.