Sarcosine Reduces Symptoms in Schizophrenia


שיחרר לי את הראש, איפשר להתעסק בדברים שדחיתי המון זמן
נסה אולי לעלות ל 1 מ"ג למנה, מקווה שזה יצליח לך, סרקוסין ממש אחלה כשזה מתאים


Translation :

Sounds strange, it affected me differently
Maybe it doesn’t suit your condition
What dose did you take?

0.5 g in the morning and 0.5g in the noon, how did it affect you?

It freed my mind and let me do many things I’ve procrastinated for a long time
Maybe you should try to take 1g each serving, sarcosine can be awesome if it fits

I’ve checked google translate with the text above … it does a terrible job, so here you go English speakers


I take plus1 flotin (prozak) and 3/4clonex o.25mg


Have no clue how it interacts with benzos and SSRI (the med types you have mentioned),
Ask your pdoc if adding something (Sarcosine/Glycine) that increases NMDA receptor activation is a good idea for your treatment. I hope he will have an answer.


People here that take sarcosine…what about the emotions effects does it help you ?


What does the reserch tells about the combination take sarcosin prozak(ssri) and clonex(bnzo) ?thank you for your answer


Disapointed from sarcosine it makes me tired and zombi


Take atleast for 1 month.


Make more tired than usually that i am.make me zombi and heavy.change my bahaviour not for good.


There have been research studies where people are on SSRIs - and from what I can see they seem to indicated that in some people it allows them to lower their doses of their medications. But - obviously this is a person to person thing and I recommend you discuss this with your doctor. I have not seen studies where people are also taking Benzos - but I haven’t had time to look closely. There is at least one study that suggests that sarcosine can be helpful with OCD - a type of anxiety disorder.

Here are the studies where people were taking SSRIs - and in this case they decided to reduce the amount of the SSRI after the person started getting signs of mania:

There have not been any issues reported with regard to antipsychotics:


It’s alright man, seems like it doesn’t fit you, and that happens
There are some other supplements that might work better for you


Me too makes me tired and zombi not good for me


I cant but thank you for your advice


Sarcosine makes me tired and zombi it sucks i am dissapointed it is bad for me


Piracetam is what made me psychotic on three occasions, after which I was diagnosed as having paranoid schizophrenia. I used to take large doses of it.


I don’t take Piracetam anymore. I stopped taking supplements a while back, putting an end to my “experiments”, ha.


The FDA wants to buy your diary about your experiments. :slight_smile:


Hi, Does Sarcosine work well with Abilfy ?


The only medication that sarcosine has not improved upon in studies was clozapine. In the studies no additional improvement was seen when sarcosine added. for all other medications - including ability I believe - an average improvement of about 20% was seen in the studies. In no cases have I seen any research that suggests that there are any negative interactions between medications and sarcosine.

relevant studies:




Well, I take 4 g of sarcosine. I don’t see much difference. I like Sodium Benzoate better. I’m taking 1 g of that.