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Sarcosine Reduces Symptoms in Schizophrenia


Ohh man I finally got it, it’s so good.
Lifts up my avolition for a hour or two I get so much crap done!
Hope it’ll continue to work for more than 2 weeks.

The backstory:
Had a very rough week, returned home after the hardest day this far at my job, angry mad and unstable, ready to participate in destructive activities and get to unhealthy moods.
My Sarcosine shipment had some trouble arriving, from the time I had bought the product to the date it arrived I’ve managed to move to a new apartment. The shipment was apparently misdirected but BrainVitaminz staff were awesome and sent me an another one to my old address and it arrived 4 days later (pretty surprising for an international shipment).
Luckily the only good thing that happened on that day I was talking about at the beginning, was that I’ve visited my old apartment, which is far away from where I live now. With the guidance of fate alone I’ve found the dirty paper of shipment delivery which was on the floor under some garbage. Right away I’ve gone to the post office to get ma Sarcosine. after that, before returning home I’ve gone through some more bullcrap that life spontaneously threw at me and got home exhausted as fk.
Desperately took 1g of Sarcosine, hour later I’m washing dishes with a slight smile!!! It such a strange experience for me, like taking stimulants to function for a while but without feeling stimulated or (hopefully) doing something unhealthy. I felt like a normal person for a change.

Anyway, day 2. I jump to 2g in one serving, got lots of work to do, no negative side effects, I am being very competent for a short time.

Today, day 3. splitting 2g for 2 servings to be competent for longer periods of time. I am doing lots of things but I am getting tired and have to take some breaks. still it gives me a chance to be productive for at least some time (something I’m struggling with almost all my life).

Bottom line- I am happy I’ve ordered Sarcosine, I hope it will continue to impact my life as it does now for a long time

If anybody is interested I can keep on posting updates from time to time about my experience with this supplement


Looking forward to updates from @Myakster and @Gollum from time to time. Hope it continues to work for you.


Two weeks in. The initial euphoria of finding that Sarcosine helps a lot made me a little hypo. But now I have caught up on sleep I had a more normal day today where some of my familiar negatives returned but not as bad. It is a relief that it isn’t a miracle fix for all of my problems tbh as that is crazy talk Murdoch. But so far l feel a better person. In the next few days I will decide whether to buy another months powder.


Summary of the first week with a daily dose of 2g.
Seems like I can’t enjoy nicotine and coffee induced high I used to have before taking sarcosine,
might be a good thing.
I’m more productive overall, less depressed and edgy.
My libido is significantly better.
After taking a dose I’m less precise but I do chores easily and without a thought.