Sarcosine Reduces Symptoms in Schizophrenia


According a study cited on Examine . com says that “Taurine has also been noted to diminish the affinity of glycine to the NMDA receptor.”

So it’s probably not something that should be taken along with Sarcosine.

This forum won’t let me post links as I’m a new user but the relevant information can be found under the Glutaminergic Neurotransmission section of Examine’s Taurine page.


Just ordered 60g from , hope it arrives soon,will report back


Wow, it sounds from your writing that you know yourself inside and out. I’ve met only 1-2 other sz folks and they were kinda immobilized. I’m not sure anymore what the word psychosis means. Everyone associates it with “Psycho” or some other horror movie or something they’ve read or seen in the morning’s headlines. I think it must mean something else, or at least include some other kinds of thinking / activities. Perhaps there is a BIG psychosis and a “little” psychosis. I think all are unwanted, but that perhaps there are differences. I hate to say this, but I am not very sanguine, enthusiastic about new over the counter drugs and vitamins that haven’t been stamped with the Good Scientists Seal of Approval. Good luck with all, whatever, any of what ails you or your friends and family.


How did it work?


I got it this morning for the first time, half a gram as indicated, didn’t feel ■■■■ or not anything significant enough to point out, then took another half gram a couple hours later, took a nap and woke up feeling kinda strange but just a little.

I haven’t felt anything significant yet so I’m gonna keep taking and will report back with more experience.


Third day, ain’t feeling ■■■■ yet, just sleepy… ¿?¿?¿?¿


I’ve ordered that Sarcosine thingy more than a month ago, haven’t arrived yet.
I think there was a problem with shipping.


Wow. Very interesting. Seems to have pulled a lot of traction.


Was on sarcosine for like 6-8 months, then quit due to finances.
Went off for like another 6 months.
Just got my new Brain vitaminz brand in the mail this week.
I bought it because I got a full-time job in October and I needed to decrease my negative symptoms.
The first time I took it a year ago or longer, it felt like like I was highly productive, I even washed dishes without being asked, and that is def not a placebo, as I hate washing dishes and the only thing that would motivate me is extra motivation…which sarcosine seemed to provide.

Now, after many months off of it, my dishes have piled up, my dirty clothes have piled up, and I struggle to prioritize simple chores.
My solution was to order more sarcosine and give it another go. I started like 2 days ago.
I’m starting at 2 brain vitaminz scoops per day again.
I’ll try to keep some kind of journal of my productivity from now on, just to check if it works and if so, what level of effect it has!


There has been one study done with Sarcosine as a monotherapy that showed benefit. I’m not necessarily encouraging anyone to try this but it does show that taking Sarcosine can have improvements by itself.


I have seen this study before. It is a six week study. I highly doubt it is long enough to get the full benefits of sarcosine. You need more like months if not years to get the full benefit. I recommend four grams a day not two or one. The thing is I can’t find a long term study of sarcosine as a monotherapy. Six months or longer. What happened after the six week study? Did the people continue to take it? Did they even bother to follow up with the patients? They don’t say.


Does anyone know if Sarcosine works for things like anxiety and possibly OCD?
I have a friend who doesn’t have sz, and he thinks way faster than me, but I’d love for him to get some alleviation of his symptoms.


Also, where is the best place to order from if one lives in the eu? I’ve seen a lot of yo6 talk about BrainVitaminz, but I’ve heard their product both works and burns out fast. I’m looking for a longer lasting effect, and preferrably pills over powder.


For anxiety, l-theanine is better.


I’ve seen research that sarcosine can be helpful for OCD - see this link below:

and related:

I’ve never seen any research that suggests sarcosine might be helpful with anxiety. It might even make things worse for some people as some people have suggested in increased “agitation”. Better to look into L-theanine for anxiety, and also lots of medications like gabapentin.


I’d highly recommended Piracetam instead of Sarcosine. It’s not as potent but it is longer lasting.


I tried sarcosine for a week now. I must be changing because I now watch tv and meditate almost every day. In the past I had to push myself to do them once a week. Life certainly has gotten a little easier and more fun with sarcosine. It is clearly doing something.


I’m in the UK so got 100g from Smartpowders. 3 days in and I feel so alive but not crazy manic which is what usually happens if I cut back on my Olanzapine. It will be hard to not be angry at myself that I’ve never tried it before if the improvement continues. I don’t understand how an amino acid can make so much difference but it does so far. I feel human again.


Hello! I decided to try sarcosine, just 250-500mg. Well, the other day it gave me instant feel-good sensation with climbing anxiety and had a heart rate of 142 and BP 160/100. Called ambulance. I thought it was triggered by excessive salt in my food.

But… today decided to try 250mg of sarcosine. Result? The feel-good high and climbing anxiety, 160/100 BP that doesn’t want to get down. Took propranolol and lorazepam but still BP highish after 3 hours with anxiety. After hot shower it is 136/80 but feel queasy. Scary stuff! I am sure it works but it can raise BP dramatically! Any idea why/how?? Going to throw the sarcosine away.


do you usually have problems with bp, panic and anxiety?

i’ve just ordered sarcosine for the second time. can’t wait for order to arrive!