Sarcosine Reduces Symptoms in Schizophrenia


For some people are very sensitive to sarcosine and can best function with less sarcosine the research suggests. Perhaps back off to .5 grams in the morning and afternoon and see how it goes. Here is that research:

“We present a case of a schizophrenic patient in a stable mental condition who started taking 2 g of sarcosine per day. After an initial improvement, he developed symptoms of psychomotor agitation and it was necessary to decrease the dose of sarcosine. This observation indicates a need for revision of the recommended dosing of sarcosine and, as with other drugs, to determine a range of doses for this substance. For an effective and well tolerated treatment, we suggest a dose between 1 g and 2 g of sarcosine per day, depending on the patient’s feedback. We consider these observations to be important also because patients from different countries enquire about sarcosine, and the indications for its use, dosing, and adverse effects. These questions can also be directed to other doctors.”



It’s available on biomall… I have tried it… Cool


I figured that if I felt better on 3 grams per day I’d feel incredible on 9 grams per day. Uh, no. It made me jittery and scatter-brained. Back to 1g 3x a day. Seems to be the optimal dose in my case.


Which one do you order? Have a link?



my brothers takes sarcosine 14 days ago. There is improvement but mild. He takes 2 grams a day. Do you think that there would be more improvement as time goes by? There is improvement in sleep and fewer isolation. Thanks


I see psychiatrist September 13th, 2017. I take Latuda/Lurasidone (Best 2nd Generation AntiPsychotic BY FAR!) and Zoloft, 40 mg and 150 mg qD in the morning, respectively. I will order DMG, aka N,N-DiMethylGlycine/Sarcosine and I would probably get the 125 mg doses first and titrate myself in conjunction with advice from psychologist and psychiatrist. I would like to study the 5-HT2A/mGlu2 receptor heterodimer and figure out why and how this receptor complex is dysfunctional and MAYBE I could figure out how to alleviate these delusions and paranoia.

I am seeing that 2000mg is what everyone is taking/getting results from. Any other medications that helped? I do not want to do Lithium, Trileptal, or Depakote those make you tired and have too many side effects in general. Comments? Advice? Thanks in advance!


I have ordered Sarcosine from BrainVitamins and I’m awaiting for it. I’m excited to try it…
However, I’m on NAC-1000mg
Omega3 high in EPA and DHA
Vitamin D-1000ug
Inulin and Probiotics for the gut.
Taurine-600mg before bedtime for good sleep and relaxation.
And recently about 4 days ago I’ve started taking CDP-Choline for cognitive and memory until I get Sarcosine, however, I’ve noticed that my cognition got better and accidently, my fears are gone away!! I feel more confident, have more mental clarity, expressive language and verbal ability is better. I can’t believe that my brain really needs this kind of Choline. I tried to look it up and found some research about taking Choline to prevent SZ in babies during pregnancy.
I wonder if it is ok to take it with Sarcosine? I feel better when I’ve started taking it and I don’t want to miss these benefits especially that my anxiety, panic disorders and thoughts disorders are getting smoother with it.


Be careful with Taurine before bed, not sure how you sleep with taking something that increases heart contractility. What other medications do you take? Any SSRIs like Zoloft? MAOIs? AntiPsychotics? Let me know!


Hi there, I only take 600mg and sometimes less 300-500mg. I don’t take any medication at the moment, I was on SSRI(Cipramil) and stopped last year.
But I was thinking to give it to my brother. My brother on Aripiprazole and Quetiapine, is there any side effects of it with these medications?


Your brother is on aripiprazole/Abilify AND quetiapine/Zyprexa ??? Both at the same time?


Sorry wrong drug … I meant Quetiapine/Seroquel


Yes, He is on Aripiprazole and Quetipine at the same time prescribed by his Pdoc, why you are asking?
And what about Taurine with anti psychotics? Thank you


Can Sarcosine be administered by an injectable form?


For those that hate the taste of sarcosine I highly recommend purchasing these

It makes it taste like koolaid.


Hi folks, I have recieved my Sarcosine from BrainVitaminz today. And took 500mg before lunch and the other 500mg at dinner time. The first dose was normal, I didn’t feel anything except a light headache. I would say it is normal because always when I take a new supplement I get a light headache. Apart from that I have not noticed any other effect. Will continue with this dose 500mg twice daily for a week or 2, then will increase it to 1 gram twice daily. Btw, I have given the same dose to my brother and he didn’t feel anything at all, no headache either.


Abilify and Seroquel are both APs but work a little bit differently. If this combination is not working, I recommend Latuda with Trileptal and perhaps Zoloft, but I am only researching these medications from a pharmacological perspective as I am not a psychiatrist. Abilify made my friend gain weight and sleep way too much. Seroquel caused orthostatic hypotension (syncope) upon standing up and that was undesirable. Latuda has negligible antihistamine effects/little to no sedation and Trileptal is a neuronal excitation reducer (Via reduction of Sodium channel currents) and Zoloft is an SSRI (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor). Just throwing out different options, Latuda is about $2000 per month without insurance so think about it before making a switch if the current meds are not working as well as you want them to.

Taurine activates glycine receptors and can be anxiolytic (reduce anxiety) so let me know how that works for you.

Best of luck!


Thank you @DelusionalSandwich for the detailed post. I will let my brother know.
Regarding Taurine, you are right it helps with Glycine receptors like D-serine and Sarcosine. However, it also helps with GAD1 enzyme which converts Glutamate to GABA. So it increase GABA and decrease Glutamate, that how it can be anxiolytic. From my own experience it is helping me with good sleep and at the same time keep the brain healthy.


Today is my next day with Sarcosine, 500mg twice daily. Just a light headache as yesterday. I think it is fixing something :smiley: Will keep taking it and report.


Guys, does anyone have negative side effect on the first two days or the first week? Today is my second day and after taking 500mg(the second dose) I felt a bit down, lack of motivation, and the feeling to be isolated. Is that OK? Should I keep taking it or discontinue?