Sarcosine Reduces Symptoms in Schizophrenia


I just got today the Sarcosine from fronportal. I ordered for my son, who was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder. So we are starting with just 1mg for a week. I am also taking it just in case. I want to know how he feels. Thank you


cow’s milk has that in it I think. it’s got alot of amino acids, more than royal jelly or spirulina.


Perhaps they have tiny quantities of n-methyl glycine (I think its more in meat) but nothing like the quantities in the research studies shown for it to be helpful in schizophrenia negative symptoms. So just eating things is not likely to be helpful, suggest the studies.


a quart has .644 grams of glycine in it, you have to click on full report to get the amino acid info
so if you drink 3 quarts a day you already get it, a gallon is 4 quarts, I’ve done that before, I used to drink a gallon per day. and if a woman is average weight she probably doesn’t need as much as a man needs for it to affect her brain like how women don’t need as much alcohol to get drunk but I’m no doctor I’m just guesstimating.


You need like 60 Grams of glycine to really even equal like 2 grams of sarcosine. That would be like 100 quarts of milk :joy:


got a link to prove that? because I looked and I couldn’t find anything saying that. glycine sarcosine and the medical term describing it is called synthesis if you need to know which keywords to search for. did you know excess protein gets turned into sugar by the liver? glucose synthesis


another type of synthesis is tryptophan is turned into niacin by the liver. the niacin is what makes people sleepy.


There are some reference links posted on that page


I don’t see any of that referencing glycine synthesis, you can eat tons of tryptophan and only produce a little niacin. that’s on Wikipedia.


I don’t really knkw what niacin Has to do with glycine supplementing. But just do your own research. It’s all out there.


ive just took my first dose bought from brainvitaminz
feeling nothing yet but i didnt expect much so soon

my question is for how long i need to take it to feel something


guys stop wasting ur money


says who???


It is not a waste of money @anon89143308. I am sorry if it did not help you, but sarcosine has changed my life for the better in so many ways. @kuckuckuc it might start working in a week or it could take months, everybody is different.


From the academic article, it looks like results were seen after the 4-6 week mark. Here’s a quote from the article in the original post:

A series of double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover studies by Javitt and colleagues (as reported in Coyle 2004) administered 30-60 g/day of glycine to schizophrenia patients on traditional neuroleptic. Each group of patients received either placebo or glycine for 4 weeks; for the following 4 weeks, the original placebo group was given glycine as well.

Results reported a significant decrease (17%) in negative and cognitive symptoms for the glycine group, and for the placebo group following the 4-week crossover. In another crossover study by Javitt et al, the group that received glycine first (for six weeks) and then switched over to placebo (taken for another 6 weeks after a two-week washout period) maintained the improvements achieved during glycine treatment, suggesting that the therapeutic effects may be relatively enduring

I’ve been on sarcosine since like February 2016, just off and on for a few months. I definitely notice when i run out, my laundry piles up, my motivation drops, i don’t feel like hanging out with friends or making small talk with people. I’m on it right now and my apartment is fairly clean and I’m working on my pet projects at a steady rate and i have a social life. I would recommend it. :slight_smile:

It’s like the cost of a couple fancy drinks at Starbucks and it’s probably a lot better for you, too! Good luck!


This is false, it’s not niacin that causes tryptophan to feel tiring but it’s probably activation of the 5HT2A receptor and possibly others. Niacin is also not tiring but relaxing. I’ve taken many grams of it and I never get tired as I do from tryptophan.


I just got my sarcosine through mail and it tastes like sarcosine but I think it’s worsening my pseudohallucinations like glycine once did. What the heck?? But I haven’t had enough sleep which itself always worsens my pseudohallucinations.


If glycine didn’t work for you - sarcosine probably won’t either (though you have to take a ton of glycine for it to be helpful or equivalent to a small amount of sarcosine). Start very low (e.g. 1/2 a gram or less a day) and slowly increase it over a month or two. And make sure you’re sleeping well.


It’s very peculiar with this nmda function thing because lots of things that theoretically work don’t actually work in practice. Sarcosine is the exception which has cured many schizophrenics of their hallucinations.

I know highly bioavailable megnesiums like magnesium bisglycinate worsen my pseudohallucinations (or so I think, but it’s really bizarre) and the only feasible explanation for this I can see is that magnesium blocks the nmda receptor.

I’ve taken TestForce 2 which is a mix of 3g sarcosine and d-aspartic acid. This should work even stronger at the nmda receptor than sarcosine alone, and I believe I did like it but it was a prohibitively expensive mix.


It has not cured many from hallucinations, where are you reading that??
it is for negative symptoms.