Sarcosine Reduces Symptoms in Schizophrenia


Thinking of buying sarcosine for my son to try. Lucius or others, have you had a reduction in negative symptoms while trying this out?


hi. I got my sarcosine just at the beginning of this week. As for now I have only opened it. Stinks as hell. I’ll start to take it as soon as I deal with my sleeping problems, because I fear that it could make my insomnia worse. I’m planning to post my experiences with this substance when I’ll begin to take it.


I’m trying sarcosine now. Hope it helps.


Yes - some people say that sarcosine really increases their energy level and activity - but for some others it can impact their sleep, I hear. L-Theanine seems to help with sleep quality for some people.


I’ll wait with l-theanine a bit. I guess I just have to get used to my new clock on/ clockoff time, I’m taking some additional rispolept to get to sleep and it’s probably the best solution for me right now. I’ve already tried melatonine but I felt really bad after it and still didn’t get any night sleep. Tough time now so I won’t take the risk to experiment.


How about for clozapine users? is this ok to take?


Its ok to take - but a study suggested there was no additional benefit with sarcosine for clozapine users - it seems that clozapine may already target the brain receptor that sarcosine does.


Oh interesting… ty for the pro tip.


The company Nutrisweet, who are aspartame sellers, got some PhD guy to set up a lab and paid him £1 million to prove that Stevia gives men prostate cancer. That is why Stevia was banned in UK and EU for over a decade and I had to import mine from the USA, with instructions to call it ‘nutritional supplements’ and not Stevia.


Your Sarcosine stinks?? Now I’m confused. The Sarcosine I have bought does not stink. In fact the very feint smell can hardly be smelled at all, and it is a nutty rice type of smell. Now I’m worried I’ve been conned. Has anyone else bought Sarcosine from Dr T & T Health, UK? I will be very pleased to know. Thanks.


Hi everyone i got some Sarcosine today. I read some where it can cause potential prostate cancer. Can anyone cofirm this. Thanks


My sarcosine stinks like some sort of chicken soub spice, like Maggie. It’s Brainvitaminz brand. Altough it was sent overseas, it was vacuum packed so I don’t think it could be contaminated in any way.


Szadmin how much do u get paid for advertising sarcosine?


Probably not enough!

I often wondered if they could get grants from MH charity’s or gov orgs, but I guess there is always a price to pay for selling your soul!


Very happy to hear that


Very happy to hear that atleast there is something that is helpful for negative syptoms and lack of motivation in schizophrenia illness. Pls can it be taking with Clozaril


I tried sarcosine last year and figured I’d give it another go. A week or 2 ago I opened my sarcosine from smart powders and found it gave me some mental stimulation. 3 or 4 days later I couldn’t control my thoughts… I was talking to myself in my mind non stop. It was really annoying and unpleasant, like it multiplied what schitzo symptoms I had left, which weren’t much since I was doing ok. So I stopped the sarcosine and my mind feels even better than it did before. Strange. Maybe it’s just the relief that I realized the problem. I immediately got better when I stopped the stuff. Waste of money and risky for your mental health if you ask me. I do not recommend it.


@SzAdmin. Someone on clozapine 500mg qd


I find to avoid caffeine and the drug Kemadrin is a very good drug,when i say caffeine i mean diet coke.But of course,we have feelings.


Can I buy Sarcosine from iherb?