Sarcosine Reduces Symptoms in Schizophrenia


I wonder if it would be of benefit to me, I do not have any symptoms of SZ but have noticed my memory could be better. Also I get tired at work during the late morning… even after 9 hours of sleep. We do not take any breaks at work and I often work 9-10 hour shifts 6 days a week so it gets really hard to do my job between 1030 am and 230 or 300 pm while I am tired. Is sarcosine a helper of sleep or am I looking into the wrong supplement? I do not take my prescribed Catatonia tranq (lorazepam) for sleep because it has severe long term effects. I also have read benztropine causes cognition problems after 3 years of continual use but i need it daily or I fall out of control of my eye movement. I think sarcosine may slow down this anticholinergic cognition impairment if it really is a real issue. I have not noticed anything yet but I have only been on it for a year. Also I am an analytics manager so I need to keep cognition for as long as possible if I can. A side point, I think my cognition improved a 100 fold on geodon than when I was untreated. Thanks


I live in the USA.


I felt the irritation someone complained about! I was taking like 4 scoops a day, though. My mother noticed it first. She said I was answering back sharply. I cycle now. I think Level1J or someone mentioned cycling as a better option than taking it daily at max dose. I agree now.

Still, once I take it after not taking it for a few days I feel alert, focused, cheerful. If I take it a lot, I grow tolerant or something because it doesn’t feel the same when I take sarcosine after not taking it the day before.

Also, I think if you mix alcohol with sarcosine on accident, the sarcosine levels spike and you might get ultra irritable. Yes, I know it’s a bad idea to mix sarcosine and alcohol, I just wanted to put this info out there before others do what I did


I had my payee order this and I’m impressed. It works better than anything my doctors ever perscribed. It does give me some anxiety and head pain but I think that’s just because my brain isn’t used to working. I think it’s really helping. It feels like I’m not degrading any more and even improving. I’m taking the 2g a day.


I ordered Sarcosine yesterday, should arrive in the next few days.


Keep us posted Minnii :slight_smile:


are there any cooking recipes with sarcosine


I would guess you could put it in soup or something. But you would have to make sure to eat the whole thing yourself. I imagine it would be difficult to make sure everyone has the correct dose if you were splitting it into portions.


As I remember I don’t think it tasted nice. But that might have been nac.


I have tried Sarcosine today, 2grams!

I didn’t notice anything unfortunately, except maybe feeling a little more tired, if that’s possible. Maybe now isn’t the best moment to try, I suffer from pms at the moment.

Is it possible that it takes a little longer to work?


Yes, Sarcosine has a nice slightly sweet taste. NAC tastes terrible.


Most people here say that taking 1/2 the dose in the morning at breakfast time, and half at lunch, gives the best effect. And the responses that people describe seem to range from mild / subtle to significant. Some people see immediate results, others seem to take up to a few months - so just take it slow and see how it goes.

Some people get too agitated on it - so it would probably be wise to start relatively low - say 1 gram at breakfast, 1 gram at lunch) and then slowly increase it to 2 grams twice a day.

Read over the past messages and see what others see, and perhaps some others will add their experiences.


Hi, I took my first 1gm dose of sarcosine this morning before breakfast at around 7am. at 9am I got a phone call which made me feel depressed for a bit. By 11:am and since my head feels really uptight and angry. I have taken 2mg ativan twice now since 11;30 as well as a 2mg stelazine. I hope I chill.
I don’t think I will take this again -)


Some of your self description rings a bell with my own situation. It is always good to know you are not alone. I plan to take some Sarcosin to find some relief from those symptoms you mentioned like terrible thoughts, anxiety, feeling trapped within.


So, I have been taking my sarcosine for a while now. I must say that while the difference isn’t massive, I do feel slightly better regarding negative symptoms.

Although, my doctor did tell me that supplements are generally ineffective.

Maybe it’s placebo, but I’m going to keep taking it for now.


A biochemist and a musician! A perfect example of how God plans for us to balance our spouses! I think your work enables you to see the importance of having the right chemicals in the right amounts for our brain health. Thank you for your methodical trials and explanation. I would love to read an update.


So, I just take this medication on top of my other medications?


I answered my own question by reading other posts. :grin:


Hello. I am new on the forum. Have been suffering from schizophrenia for 11 years now, since I was 20. Since then I’ve been 3 times in the hospital, but the last time was 7 years ago. My illness is currently in remision, and I think I manage to live a happy and quite normal life on rispolept consta. However I still have some negative symptoms from my illness. I’ve just ordered sarcosine and would like to try it… Has anyone been using it for a longer and can tell me that it has some positive impact on the quality of his/hers life?


I’ve tried finding somebody who has what i have…a long time. But your description sounds alot like my own. I’ve had obsessive guilt for over 45 years now. Bad sexual thoughts constantly. I’m going to try this supplement. I cannot take any meds. Tried them ALL