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Sarcosine Reduces Symptoms in Schizophrenia


At Brainvitamins I don’t think their shipping charges are reasonable … $5.00 shipping! Is there another site you know of with good quality and more reasonable cost?


What about 4 gram a day + alcohol? Like what if I just took three shots of rum before taking sarcosine? Would that increase the amount of sarcosine in my bloodstream? Dangerous? Not dangerous? No studies? Some studies?

Thank you!
And the brain vitaminz store is back up now!!


That’s like taking an upper with a downer. And essentially abusing a drug. Probably not the best idea.
Just take it as suggested


No studies - but generally alcohol is a downer and ruins your REM sleep later, therby increasing your stress / anxiety levels and risk of depression. So - Alcohol generally not a helpful thing for recovery.

Of course - if you’re taking the alcohol in the morning - thats even more of a bad idea.

Alcohol and a Good Night’s Sleep Don’t Mix


Thanks! yea, I learned this yesterday.

Not going to drink again, since it does seem like a waste of perfectly good sarcosine…

Thanks for replying @levelJ1 and @SzAdmin


I sure wish I could get some of this. I have money that my Aunt is in charge of and she is paranoid of the digital age and that someone is gonna steal the card numbers, even over the phone. And my Dad won’t buy it because he is cynical. I wonder where I get my paranoid delusions from lol


can you get a prepaid visa card? Maybe that way your auntie doesn’t need to give out her info.

I’ve used prepaid visa cards on amazon and they worked fine.

Or you can put some cash into paypal? Brain vitaminz also accepts paypal.


Be thankful you don’t deal with Canada Post. They can turn a $5 charge into $35.



That’s a good idea and I’ve thought of that but my Aunt would still bar me from doing it for the same reason and because she thinks the gubmint is gonna look at every little transaction and want a reason for it. If I could somehow get the debit card away from her I would definitely put some money into PayPal.


oh I’m sorry to hear that! Good luck to you!

Maybe one day it’ll be available through medi-cal or private insurance! :persevere:


I’m trying out Sarcosine starting today 2/29. I will be a “good patient” and follow instructions.


NOTE: accidentally posted this in the pinned thread for positive symptom treatment, sorry, I edited it and flagged it, but here is my question, now in the correct thread:

Quick question: any studies about how herbs/medicinal plants interact with saracosine? Specifically, gotu kola the cognitive enhancing herb. Would it enhance my concentration and cognitive abilities or have some reaction with the sarcosine?

I bought a giant bag of gotu kola tea leaves and I am hoping to get an added boost combining sarcosine with gotu kola, yerba mate, and in the future maybe gingko biloba (am not taking gingko biloba right now).

I read about drug interactions between gotu kola and anti-epileptics, but that’s a different whatever, it’s not like the receptors sarcosine works on (don’t quite know what I’m talking about neuroscientifically, hope this makes sense).

Potential other herbs I might try as tea laced with sarcosine:
gingko biloba
cats claw

Thank you!!


I got hypo maniac with ginko biloba. First week it was fine, no symptoms whatsoever, then the hypomania began. Be careful.


So I’ve been taking sarcosine for a couple months and it’s been excellent. At first I was getting some hallucinations maybe from fear. But I really feel benefited from sarcosine. L theanine at night is great too


I had a doubt: Has anyone tried Sarcosine and L theanine without the anti-psychotics?


I think @levelJ1 is trying sarcosine, not sure about L theanine though


Yes I do just sarcosine. Been since like Dec 27. Honestly I don’t know if it works that well for me. It’s hard to know cuz I also have a mood aspect. Going from lack of drive to being highly driven. Back and forth back and forth it goes


Thanks Minni and Jlevel1!

@ Jlevel1: what are your symptoms? - if you dont mind sharing… Was it of any help in reducing the voices/ delusions?


Current symptoms are lack motivation, flat affect, apathy, fatigued. I desire to do things that are productive but find it extremely hard to do much without having a forced schedule.
I’m not sure how much sarcosine has helped it’s hard to know. I’ve felt pretty immobile lately. but I just force myself to keep moving on my own will.
I personally get a better response from a strong coffee.

It had 0 affect on voices or delusions.


It seems that increased levels of glycine (which sarcosine does, as it seems does Clozapine) is associated with better functioning. See this new study:

Changes in plasma D-serine, L-serine, and glycine levels in treatment-resistant schizophrenia before and after clozapine treatment.

We also found that plasma glycine levels and the glycine/l-serine ratio were significantly increased following clozapine treatment in the patients, and the glycine/l-serine ratio was significantly higher in the patients after clozapine treatment than in the controls.

This study firstly demonstrated changes of d-/l-serine and glycine/l-serine ratio between before and after clozapine treatment, suggesting that the plasma d-/l-serine ratio and glycine/l-serine ratio could be markers of therapeutic efficacy or clinical state in treatment-resistant schizophrenia.

Full Research Paper available here:


Article summary here: