Sarcosine questions please help!

I was wondering why my sarcosine seems to quit working after a while. It works so well then eventually it stops. Does this have something to do with the supplement getting bad after sitting for a while? I thought about buying packets to keep the medicine fresher. Help would be much appreciated!

I think supplement effects is weak,it ain’t like a real medication,if supplement works well,everyone would be taking it and doctor would offer it…medication like bitopertin would have a lot stronger potency…I had tried sarcosine for 6 weeks and glycine for a months,both had little effect,just my two cents

Yeah I know what you mean, It works well for me for a few days then nothing. I dont think there is a way to make it better you’ll just have to wait for Bitopertin like the rest of us :frowning:

Bitopertin had bad phase 3 results…

wow your right I just looked it up not good news I had high hopes for Bitopertin :frowning:

You might want to try D-Serine, it’s an NMDA agonist like sarcosine but it seems to take effect quicker (~30 minutes) and it works when sarcosine doesn’t, you can buy it from Smart Powders. It’s expensive but it’s worth it for me.

another question. If i take more than 2 grams of sarcosine a day am i going to have any adverse effects? What have you guys experianced?

I took about 4 grams a day after it started to not work for me anymore and I got a pain in my groin so I stoped taking it.

I took around 4g consistently for a week or two after it stopped working for me too and I had no adverse effects but it still didn’t work very well, no difference from when I was on a lower dose.

Regulation of glutamate receptors is complex, if one uses only one way of potentiating them there is compensatory downregulation by several other ways. To be successful one has to use more “dirty” drugs or a combination of several drugs.