Sarcosine plus antidepressant and Invega

Does anyone know if it is safe to use Sarcosine if someone is also taking an antidepressant? My son is on Invega Sustena (monthly injection). He has sz-aff disorder and has been compliant for 6 years w/o incident. He does experience anxiety and depression. He recently quit smoking (after almost 20 years!) and has been struggling with negative symptoms. He just started Sarcosine, 1 g per day, and his doc wants him to take an antidepressant. Is it safe to take both?

Yes, it’s save. Depressive and negative symptoms look quite a like but are two different things. Antidepressant for depression, Sarcosine for negative/cognitive symptoms, no problem.

I don’t think it’s unsafe. But sarcosine has been used by itself to treat depression. I would try the sarcosine without the antidepressant first. All these doctors know how to do is prescribe a ton of medication.

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