Sarcosine help

Hi, I’m new here!

Anyway, I’ve been reading around these forums and see that people use sarcosine + NAC for negative symptoms. I’m trying to buy sarcosine but I can’t find anywhere that sells it. Smartpowders is out of stock.

I don’t want to go with profrontal that’s $50. I was hoping to buy sarcosine and NAC separately for cheaper.

I tried sarcosine twice,didn’t work,smart powders,pure sarcosine,testforce 2…tried glycine worked for 1week…that’s my experience

My doctor says you can take glycine but you need an awful lot. I have to ask him what dosage. I think he said a gram but check witha doctor.

It’s more like 30 grams with glycine, quite expensive.

There’s a place called Health Sources, they send Sarcosine from China and if you want to order you have to email them, it’s like half the price of smart powders, at least it was like a year ago. I’ve never ordered from them but some people from the old forums have. Minimum is 1 kg and the last time I asked them it was 80 dollars.

Smart Powders is apparently not good with stocking their products because the last time they were out of stock I had to wait over 2 months for it to be back in stock.

If you buy NAC I’d advise against NOW Foods and for Health Sources, tried them both and NOW Foods products made me feel not too good. I read some forum where somebody said that NOW Foods’ products don’t contain exactly what they are supposed to.

Eating more vegetables may help increase this.

I don’t know of any other suppliers of sarcosine but you could try d-serine, it has basically the same effect except it seems to take effect quicker (~30 mins vs 1 hr with sarcosine). It’s an NMDA agonist like sarcosine. You can buy it on smartpowders and it’s pretty expensive but not as much as profrontal.

I don’t know about ordering from China; especially if I have to order a lot. I’d like to test it out first, see how it works on me, before ordering too much.

D-Serine + NAC costs about as much as Profrontal. I think I’ll may go for profrontal in that case.

Thanks for the help.