Sarcosine+ Brain Vitale 1 month in

I’ve been on the Sarcosine about a month now, at first I noticed some effect, mainly a warm feeling coming over my head somehwat after taking it. After that, nothing to report until several weeks in I began to remember my dreams which I generallly hadn’t in a very long time. My dreams aren’t unusual, probably a few or more recurring ones but average dreams none the less, nothing like the night mares of my teens.

About three weeks into the sarcosine I began taking a supplement called Brain Vitalle, basically nootropics and ginkgo biloba. No immediate effect there, until a few weeks in, I began to recall early memories…and I mean I was an unusually highly aware kid…but what I remembered astounded me. I was told once or twice that a brother of mine had witnessed in early childhood the brutal rape of a babysitter.

This is what I four weks in to my taking brain vitale began to remember…I WAS THERE. All I can remember is communicating that we needed to get over the baby gate, next thing I remember we’re in the house and the song ONE by U2 is playing. I believe one of us as instructed called 911 or whatever it was back then. I don’t know who, there were a lot of kids there. The bizarre thing is, now knowing I was there why my family lied to me saying it was just my brother there…not the first time they’ve lied and not the greatest legnths they’ve gone to in lies to me but still…

Scary…otherwise…feeling sharper and a little more alert but scared of what I might still remember.

Are you sure it is a true memory and not false?

Not to be rude or anything, but have you considered that might be a false memory?
Why would your family lie to you about it, but say your brother was there? Doesn’t make much sense really.
I would talk to your pdoc if I were you. Ginko Biloba was good to me in the beggining but left me hypomanic. Be careful with that stuff.

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