Saphris vs Geodon

I’m experiencing erectile dysfunction on Abilify and must switch.

My Pdoc recommends I try Saphris.

Wondering whether I should try Saphris or Geodon instead.
Wondering more importantly, which is better to avoid erectile dysfunction?

Try high dose Seroquel monotherapy would be my suggestion. I take a low dose though. But if you really want to treat mental issues, go for the high dose.

Worried about developing diabetes over time with Seroquel.

Really want to know some insight on Saphris or Geodon regarding Sexual Function.

I was on geodon and am now on saphris, both caused ED for me, but it’s better in saphris. Not to he too graphic, but I get “morning wood” again, and I never did on geodon.

Saphris makes me insanely sleepy, so I take it at night. Tried during the day a few times, but it just made me too tired.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try Saphris and hope for the best.

Geodon does slow you down, sexually. At least it does me. But it does get rid of my symptoms without dulling my mind. That’s worth a lot. I have no experience with Saphris.

Thanks for sharing. My plan is to get on 2 mood stabilizers with a mild dose of one antipsychotic since my Pdoc is iffy about putting me on only 2 mood stabilizers with no AP.

Pdoc put me on 300mg Seroquel today, with my usual Lithium dosage I take. Hoping for the best.