Santa claus psychosis

seems it’s a new one every year.

i don’t like it, think it’s kinda creepy, him walking around my house two nights ago, stealing food, leaving behind who-knows-what, gets me thinking about him and his magic and his adventures.

i start hallucinating when the santa clause theme music is playing all around,

first, a huge octapus with a million arms, all tiger-striped, and a bobbing head with stars all over it;
then it’s santa and a few of his rheindeer, seems they are a little late for the portal closing at the north pole, and they didn’t quite make it, gonna be a few months till the next opening, but they hear someone coming and disguise themselves as christmas trees; santa is round and fat bearded, just paints himself green and he passes for the pine, but they rheindeer try it too with absurd antlers sticking out.

a bunch of siberian huskies show up, barking, and there’s a battle. santa gets away but for the first time in history, one of the rheindeer is taken, and left for dead;

huskies turn out to be more than they appear, humanoid, on two legs, piloting an engine powered sled and wearing sunglasses and sometimes smoking cigars.

and they didn’t eat the magic deer, they have him sealed in an ice cube in the back of the sled.

back at their cave, the huskies have the rheindeer dressed in a bowtie, and they are making him sing blues and play piano, but he doesn’t want to,

so sand comes pouring out of all four of his hooves, filling up the room halfway to the top, then each grain of sand becomes a different colored m and m, and the screen is filled with the multicolor mess.



also, in the middle of the night on christmas eve / morning, some night cameras had been set up with powerful x-ray vision, at a spot inside the zoo; that night, the green outline of cats large and small swarmed on top of a fenced dome meant to house some exotic birds.

the x ray camera revealed the fate of the cats, as they first swarmed into a ball at the top of the cage then melted into a mass, the bones in the x-rays dissolving and dripping into the cage and forming into a single giant monster.

he wasn’t there to do anything to the birds, they were all hiding in a corner; he was an invisible monster who had formed long ago from eating the spirits coming out of the birds, and this was the night he decided to form a body in the material world.

those cats won’t be coming back, they were sacrificed for this monster.


Christmas draws upon the imagination.