Sancturary cities

The last thing Chicago

and state of Illinois needs

is to be cut off from this funding by Trump

he can’t do it anyway

Congress would have to do it

the money is widespread
unknown who all it helps

i’m fed up of hearing about trump and his stupid ideas, the guy is a bozo if you ask me.

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If the money doesn’t go to the cities, it goes into the pockets of those at the top who denied the cities.

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I heard that such cities are illegal in the first place. The constitution gives the federal government jurisdiction over immigration. I have a feeling that they could very well get their funding cut. I wonder how long that they will last. California is already in its death throes being unable to pay for itself and needing a bailout. I wonder how long they will keep up this attitude. They just have to last 4 years about.

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one of the problems is if you have a warrant and are caught speeding as a American citizen

you go to jail

in a sanctuary city, and illegal, goes free for the same offense


There is Breaking News on the Television News Stations every 5 minutes since Trump has become President!!

Never a Dull moment!


they’d have to start issuing warrants if they want these people gone

I can’t imagine how much time and effort that would take

San Francisco has held up on it’s own special brand of ethics forever.
I gotta love and respect a city that puts all living beings first, and they don’t like being told what they “have” to do if it’s considered unethical.
Heck, they make their own laws when required, and damn be those who are not in their reach.
Money isn’t above living beings, according to S.F. and money doesn’t concern them, hahahhaha on your $25 cash per head hit people.ha.


Fat paycheck involved for those who participate, that’s their only concern.

I don’t understand what is so great about San Francisco. The cost of living is way to damn high and everything you earn is taken by the federal government and the state. Sounds terrible. Also I imagine the traffic sucks. Whenever I apply for jobs and the job is in San Francisco I avoid it.

Was just there 2 days ago, good food, streets simple to navigate, just about anything to buy (legal naturally) great weather.
I went there and got some Tamales from a certain street vendor that makes the best tamales.
What’s not to like about it?
oh, well, yeah…whatever.


I think Mother Jones

is from there

I support them financially

omg, the street vendors. WHAT WILL I DO WITHOUT MY STREET TAMALES???

is serious, has not previously thought about the absence of street of street vendor food

My cat is going berserk in the background, running between rooms, I think his mood reflects mine with all this mess sigh


yawn… you guy’s are hilarious.
2 month of nuthing to do, sitting around, looking for sumpthin, but,
nun the less, look deep in those pockets for more of the same folks-
cuz all you digging deep for is a bit ‘o’ pocket lint.
Write when you find work, send money when you get paid.
…and don’t watch sleeping bugs lie, bean-sigh.
go in sixes…

The migrants do a lot of the work the full fledged citizens of the U.S. won’t do. They help keep the prices of a lot of goods and services down. I don’t blame them for wanting a better life in the U.S. I don’t like it when they join in gangs, but we could remove a lot of that problem by legalizing drugs and prostitution.

They don’t come here to be “Norteños” those are here by birthright, meaning they are the ones born in the USA.

Sad when all they want is honest pay for honest work, something that thing in the white house has no clue about.


A successful bozo. What have you accomplished lately?

Or ever?


Yeah, I think he technically does qualify as a Bozo.
Successful tho? Does it count when he didn’t actually earn it, but instead stole it from others under the guise of a business deal gone bad for them-naturally?

Time will tell. In the meantime, we have people starting political conversations they have been repeatedly asked not to start. VERY rude.